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How To Keep A High Vibe Around A Negative Person

Today is one of those days, the kind where I’m in a fabulous-fantastic mood and those around me are in anything but. You know what I’m talking about right? There is a saying that misery loves company and though that’s not always the case, someone else’s vibration can certainly affect our own. So how do you keep a high vibration when those around you are out of alignment?

When I find myself suddenly out of alignment I take inventory. Yep, you read that right! I take inventory of my mood and the moods of those around me. You’re probably wondering how I do this so I will explain.

First, think back to how you felt before you encountered this person and their mood. Were you happy and energetic and now you’re the opposite? Reflect upon how you’re feeling now.

Does there seem to be a difference?

If there is, then you have taken on some of their energy. Most of the time they will have projected their energy on to you without even realizing it.

When someone is in a bad mood and they’re taking it out on you, remember that sometimes people just need to vent. Though it may feel like it, chances are their energy and emotions have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Let’s use my day as an example, shall we?

I woke up to sunshine and birds chirping. Before getting out of bed I told the universe what I was thankful for and the type of day I was going to have. Then Baby-Boo and I got ready and we headed to the gym. I dropped him off to play and I had a fantastic workout that left me feeling vibrant and full of energy.

Then I remembered I had a coupon for a free coffee, winning! I also decided to get Baby-Boo a little something and instead of getting one donut like I ordered they gave me TWO! Winning and winning! 

All signs pointed to a fabulous day

When we got home, Hubbs seemed off… I asked him if he got to sleep at work and for once he actually did. Though he said he was “fine” 30 minutes later he was cleaning like a mad man and not talking to anyone.

In the 11 years we’ve been together I’ve learned that when he’s cleaning an already clean house – just give him his space.

When he finally sat down to converse with me he had quite a bit to vent about. None of it had to do with me, but still, yikes. When you’re in a great mood it can feel like a tug o’ war to keep your vibe up. Especially when someone is spewing out their negative energy and less than positive viewpoints.

So what did I do? I stepped away.

I grounded, protected, and took inventory because I began to feel my vibe slipping. I brought my vibe back up quickly. Then I reminded him exactly how awesome our life is and how we both have everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

All’s I got was a grunt but I could tell he got the point.

After that, I went to work outside. Sometimes people’s energy can be so thick that it can literally fill a house. To avoid sitting in thick energy, let that person have their space. Go somewhere with good, positive, and uplifting energy.

Let’s recap! To stay in a positive vibration when the people around you are in a low vibration, follow these steps.

  1.  Take inventory.

  2. Ground, clear, and protect.

  3. Ask their guides to help them see things more clearly.

  4. Offer a positive perspective and leave it at that.

  5. Find your own space and give them theirs.

Most of the time that’s all it takes. You can’t raise someone else’s vibration for them. Sometimes people just want to sit in the space they’re in for a while and that’s ok. Just don’t get sucked down with them!

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