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How To Find Your Ideal Client

No matter your niche, business, or industry, working with your ideal clientele can make or break your business and you! I firmly believe that mindset is the key to making your business work, but did you know that more goes into a business mindset than just money and the typical logistics? 

Aligning with your ideal client will allow you and your business to thrive! 

When my business is at its best, I am not only in alignment with a positive money mindset, but I am also clear on who I want to work with and WHY. However, on the flip side, when I am unclear and misaligned - my business is not at its best! 

So, how do you align with your ideal client?

First, I need you to remember that your self-worth is directly connected to what and who you call into ALL areas of your life, including business. Level up your belief in yourself, and you will level up your life; that is a promise! 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What would I allow myself to have if I could have anything in my life?

  • What does my ideal day and work day look like? What time do I start/end work, what feelings do I have about my work, and how do I feel at the end of the day?

  • What do I want my life to look like five years from now?

Once you've journaled on these questions, you can dissect them and be HONEST with yourself; this is where we start! Do you FULLY believe you're worthy of these desires? If the answer is no, then ask yourself the following:

  • What within me is afraid of having these desires?

  • Is it written in stone that this is my truth? Why not?

  • I am worthy of my desires simply because I am! If they are on my heart then they are meant for me! How can I allow more of this into my life now?

Once you see where you're at with your self-worth and belief in what is available for you, it's time to align with your ideal client! 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. See yourself walking through your ideal day. What are you wearing, where are you working, who are you working with? What is their personality like, how does it make you feel to know you're working with them, what age range are they? 

It is important to really feel into this ideal day because as you do, you put yourself there! This is called quantum leaping and is a wonderful manifestation technique! 

Once you identify some traits of your ideal client, write them down! 

Now, when you journal each day about the day you had as if you already had it, include these clients! If you're a coach, for example, write down how many sessions you had that day, how your clients lit you up, how deeply you helped them, and how proud you are of them for the work they are putting in. 

When you meditate, walk through that ideal day and see yourself talking and working with those clients! 

Remember, attracting your ideal client starts with you! 

One thing I've learned in business that The Roadmap goes deeply into is that you can't just speak to everyone. You need to talk to those you're calling in! In this marketing course, we are taught to really narrow down who we are speaking to, get so clear you can picture them, and create/promote from there! 

I love using my mindset coaching coupled with this course when setting up an online business because, when combined, my clients have been unstoppable! 

The Roadmap gives you the step-by-step tools to set up, start, and understand the inner workings of having and promoting a business, while mindset coaching allows you to find your drive, purpose, and mental skills to make everything come together for you! 

Using these techniques, I have only ever had TWO clients I wasn't fully aligned with. TWO in over EIGHT YEARS! These techniques really work! 

So whether you're a landscaper, plumber, or energy worker start aligning with your ideal clients to create your ideal life and business! Let's work together 1:1 to get you there even more quickly! 

Happy manifesting, babes! 

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