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How to Cut Energetic Cords

** Warning, this post may be a trigger for some.

Have you ever heard someone say “just cut the cord”? Usually when you hear someone say this you know they are referring to letting go of something or someone. Though almost everyone has heard the phrase, not everyone knows that some people actually have a technique for doing this!

Cutting cords is something us spiritual workers have become pretty proficient in. We have to do it with situations, places, spirits, client’s, you name it – we use cords to separate. If you’re not an intuitive, don’t worry, you can still do this!

The act of cutting cords is to energetically separate yourself from a person, place, or situation.

Here’s how to cut an energetic cord

  1. Sit in a quiet space and take four deep breaths into the count of four and four deep  breaths out to the count of four.

  2. Relax.

  3. Envision the person, situation, or place being right in front of you.

  4. What kind of feelings arise? Notice them, feel them.

  5. Let that old energy bubble up and let it move through you.

  6. Where ever this feeling starts…be it at the heart, the chest, the eyes, push it out!

  7. Imagine a big wave of bright white light coming in and flushing these emotions out of the bottoms of your feet.

  8. Now, see a cord or cords going from your chest to that past issue. What do they look like? Are they chains, ribbons, cables, wires, threads?

  9. Start pulling them out. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull them out until they are laying on the ground at your feet. (This may take more time than anticipated)

  10. What was at the end of the cord? Was there an anchor? Barbed wire? Was it simply a knot?

  11. Now, see that cord, still attached to the other person and envision you have a pair of glowing golden scissors.

  12. Take your scissors and cut that cord!  Watch the cord and the situation dissolve and go away.

  13. How do you feel? Do you feel lighter, happier, more at ease?

You can do cord cutting with any situation, place, person, or thing. Cutting a cord does not mean that person is cut out of your life, however, it does mean that you have detached from the negativity surrounding it!

My cord cutting technique is a little different than most that I have read, that is because to my knowledge, it is original. I made up this technique during a meditation; I kept trying to cut the cord I was envisioning and it just wouldn’t work. Something told me to try pulling it out and so I did…I was AHMAZED at how long the cord was and what was attached to the end of it. So now, this is the technique I use every time!

Let me know how this technique works for you once you’ve tried it a time or two! If you need help with it, I now offer cord cutting sessions. During this session, we will talk about the issue at hand and work with your spirit team to remove the cord!

If you liked this post it is an excerpt from my Get and Stay Positive E- Guide! 

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