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How To Connect To Your Intuition To Make An Impact

How To Connect To Your Intuition To Make An Impact!

Can we talk about this energy in the air right now? How is it impacting you?

I feel it’s a time of serious purge meaning old feelings, emotions, things you haven’t fully processed or let go of are surfacing! My sister called me with questions; friends are coming out of the woodwork with concerns, I’m running into old friends, and clients are also having a chaotic week! What’s in the air?

At this time, our intuition is heightened, so you may find that you’re thinking of someone, and then they show up! You may find that someone you need closure with is reaching out to you and that life, in general, feels like one big emotional yarn ball trying to unravel.

It’s real. It’s intense.

I even got a reading for myself this week, which I only do every few years! My reading from Wendy was excellent and spot on as usual, but it wasn’t necessarily what I WANTED to hear. (Our guides always give us what we need instead of what we want because readings are for growth and healing, not for self-fulfillment. More on that at the end).

My guides told Wendy everything I knew but wasn’t willing to work on or look at. For about a year, I’ve gotten similar messages that say I need to work on this version of me in this season of life. They said I need to work on receiving love and compliments instead of getting uncomfortable when they come my way and that this starts with my inner conversations.

On a career note, they clarified that this work is my passion – my life – what I was born to do, no question about it.

They noted that I’d been misaligned from that passion which is why I’ve felt so burnt out for months. I got off track trying to do everything myself and lost my “why” in the process. Have you felt this way?

You feel you’re the only one that can do XYZ the right way, so instead of delegating, you try to handle it all yourself and lose sight of why you started in the first place because you become so burnt out.

Spirit validated that I felt pulled and called to do this work to spread their word, help others elevate vibrationally, and help them tap in so that they could heal and help others do the same.

Somewhere along the lines, I had to put so much work and effort into the website, Instagram, the podcast, etc., that it became work, and I missed so deeply the teaching aspect of what I do. I missed seeing the light bulbs go off, the ah-ha moments, the breakthroughs my clients had, the healing a channeling session gives, the spirit guide sessions.

So I have delegated. I have asked (and paid) for help. The website will be more simplified, clean, and resourceful, and I can return to my passion.

My passion is teaching, explaining, and helping others with their mediumship and intuitive gifts.

My WHY is because I changed my life by changing my mindset, and by changing my mindset, I allowed my intuition to flourish.

When my intuition expanded, so did my life beyond my wildest dreams.

It’s time to get back to teaching and coaching for those who are willing to do the work it takes to get to the other side of the door that is their next level.

My focus is on helping you achieve your goals THROUGH connecting to your highest and most divine path. I’m going back to why I started, which is ALL THINGS SPIRIT. Mediumship, psychic, intuitive, and energetic expansion.

So, are you ready to rise to the occasion, or do you want to be able to read people for fun?

Do you want to make a universal impact, or do you want to do party tricks?

My calling is to help people – help people.

TikTok and Instagram aren’t my passion though I will use them to help people how I can. I have no interest in being an influencer; I have a passion for making an impact.

So, if you really want to get to your next level and make an impact on yourself and those around you, and then create a spider-web of light, I’m SO excited to take you under my wing and teach you everything I know!

You can also start with the Intuitive Development Course if you’re not ready for coaching (included in 6-month + coaching packages).

I am committed to my passion which means I am committed to those who are willing to deepen their connection to spirit! Is this you? Let me know!

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