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How To Be Happy With What We Have

Happiness. It’s something that we as humans are always on the search for. In hopes of filling our cup of joy, we buy material items, look for it in other people, and dream of finding the perfect job. When we obtain these people, situations, or objects, they do fill such voids in the beginning. However, just like addiction, this “high” can not be sustained without receiving more and more. With that said, I now invite you to bring this question into your awareness, how can we be happy with what we have?

It’s easy to look around at others and get into the vicious circle of self-comparison.

“If I looked like her, then I would be happy.”

“If I could drive that car and have that job, then I would be happy.”

“Once all of my bills are paid, then I’ll be happy.”

“When I have a partner who loves me, then I’ll finally be happy.”

I call this having a case of the “if then’s” meaning once we obtain something outside of ourselves then and only then will our cup become full. Now that you understand this, I invite you to make the decision to be happy with what you have because only then will you find real and lasting happiness.

You can not obtain happiness without gratitude. You also can not find lasting happiness outside of yourself. Things, people, places, and jobs they certainly can add to your cup and compliment what is already inside, but they can not sustain your happiness.

To be happy with what you have or even what you want to have means that you have first to be satisfied with yourself.

This concept seems counterintuitive since what leads us to learn about happiness is a lack of happiness. How do we find happiness within ourselves when we don’t honestly know how it feels?

To begin this search and find our happiness, we must ask ourselves questions like:

When was the last time I truly felt happy?”

“How do I treat myself in comparison to how I treat others?”

“What have I given to myself that serves me and what am I doing the isn’t?”

“What are my closest relationships like? Do they fill me or drain me?”

“Who do I see when I look into the mirror and when I see him/her can I genuinely say “I love you”?

“What actually makes me happy, truly happy.”

I can’t even tell you how many people have trouble answering most of those questions let alone the last two. Finding your happiness can be a hard and even overwhelming endeavor, but it isn’t impossible with a little self-discipline.

How To Be Happy With What You Have!

Create a morning routine!

A morning routine amps up your vibration and puts you in alignment with gratitude and self-care. The more you have of these two things, the more likely you are to stay in alignment with your highest good and raise your vibration throughout the day.

The higher your vibration, the happier you will feel. When you feel happier, you have more energy. More energy leads to more motivation, and motivation leads to action. Action towards your sustainable happiness! Badda boom badda bing!

  1. Before your feet hit the floor, say three things you’re grateful for and set an intention for the day! (This is a powerful practice and will start your day on the right foot)

  2. Get your body moving. You can do gentle yoga, a run, a walk, a youtube workout like this one, really anything! The best thing you can do for your body in the morning is to get the juices flowing and stuck energy moving, Trust me y’ all, I am NOT a morning person, but this is a game changer for the day!

  3. Meditate or pray, and take some time for self-reflection. Since overnight the energy settles just like dust, I have found that an early morning meditation provides more transparent connections and stronger energetic alignments. We also have much less resistance to meditation before our busy day starts! (Here is my favorite meditation program – it’s great for manifesting too!)

  4. Find some time for affirmations. Having asked yourself the above questions what affirmations can you create? Let these affirmations support you in changing your mindset to gear it towards self-love and happiness!

That’s it, yall! A little bit of gratitude, forward movement, and reflection go a long way. Wake up 30 minutes before your household and enjoy the quiet. I promise you it’s worth it! Try this morning routine for a week and experience the joy and synchronicities that fall onto your path.

To work more on self-love and sustainable happiness, try working with me one on one through intuitive life coaching and spiritual mentoring!

You can also grab this FREE 7 Sacred Signs From The Universe e-book. This FREE tool will help you to raise your vibration, see the signs the universe is sending you, and help to point you in the right direction.

When you see the signs of support, it’s easy to free grateful and happy with what you have AND what is on its way!

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