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How I Healed My Depression. Louise Hay Helped!

Today I write somewhat of a tribute. An article about my life and how it used to look. Today I write about the hurdles, the humps, and how I overcame them. There was a woman who helped me and her name was Louise, Louise Hay. Maybe you’ve heard of her?

Louise Hay was an author, a self-help pioneer, a visionary, and a true gift to us all.

Louise was writing about self-help before it was really even a “thing”. Her most popular book You Can Heal Your Life was released back in 1984 and has helped millions! Don’t let her success fool you, Louise didn’t have an easy life.

She came from poverty and was abused as a child both physically and sexually. She worked her share of dead-end jobs and was left by her husband for another woman. If that weren’t all enough, Louise was diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer.

I’ve said it before and will say it again. Healers generally come from a background of less than pleasant experiences.

Eventually, Louise started teaching self-help as she believed strongly that with positive thinking, affirmations, and self-work the body could heal itself. She also believed strongly that we could start to manifest a material world of our own that was actually desirable using these tools.

She was right!

Not only did she overcome that “incurable cervical cancer” but she also has helped millions around the world through her dedication and teachings.

My story with Louise Hay 

I’ve shared before that healing myself changed everything in my life. It brought forth my stuffed away mediumship gifts, helped me to become a more positive person, and allowed me to manifest my dream life. No big deal, right?

Throughout the site, I’ve mentioned that I was a pretty negative individual. I’ve also mentioned that I dealt with some very severe depression at times.

What I haven’t talked about is the anxiety I manifested around health. This didn’t creep up until AFTER I had my son. I swore I wasn’t going to be one of those moms that were a germaphobe! I mean come on – I was a tomboy and lived on a farm as a kid for crying out loud!

It happened though. Something triggered me and I became obsessed with hygiene. I began cleaning everything constantly, washing everything constantly, washing my hands constantly, the baby’s hands constantly, and so forth. It became out of control and it took a long time (and Louise) to show me that it wasn’t poor health I was afraid of. It was the lack of control.

I became so OCD that it would literally give me anxiety attacks. It even put a strain on my marriage. I mean…what dude wants to be told to wash his hands? (Insert eye roll) I knew that I was out of control yet I couldn’t stop. Inside of me, my thoughts spiraled constantly!

  1. What if he gets a cold?

  2. What if I get sick and the baby gets it?

  3. OMG, a spider in the house….ARE THERE HUNDREDS MORE THAT I CAN’T SEE?

  4. What if I get sick and die and I have to leave my kid to be raised by someone else?

All of these crazy ass thoughts and I had somehow convinced myself that handwashing would solve all of the “problems.”

My grandfather passed when I was 7 months pregnant from lung cancer (sub-conscious trigger #1). I had a new baby, I hated my job, I didn’t want to leave my baby, and I was battling some pretty heavy postpartum depression. Though I didn’t realize it then…keeping things clean was the one thing that I was in complete control of.

Anywho, Louise helped me through it. I started practicing her affirmations and listened to her recordings every night as I fell asleep. Books were read, movies were watched, mirror work was incorporated and meditations were done. Somewhere along the line those fears diminished and wouldn’t ya know it…my immune system was stronger than ever! A life long battle with depression including post-partum…it was gone. I did it without meds, without therapy, without ever telling anyone the true story of what was happening inside my head.

Louise helped me realize my need for control and she helped me understand that the universe gives you exactly what you ask for. She taught me that I was in control of my own life but only mine. Louise then gave me the tools to take control in a much more positive manner.

Louise, you gave me the courage to put my hands in the dirt again (something I’ve always loved to do). You helped me heal my relationships with those who have hurt me and you helped me forgive myself and others. Louise, you helped me let go of my fears. Because of you Louise, I know how to love myself. Because of you, I have learned to not only see the positive but to also FEEL it…to be it!

The Secret changed my life but so did Louise. In my toolkit are one book and one lady. Whenever I’m feeling low or out of whack that is where I return. I return to the two places that brought me “home” initially. I return to the one person and one piece of material that helped me become whole.

I fought so long with depression, anxiety, health anxiety, and anger. If it weren’t for Louise and those like her I’m not sure where I would be today. I can tell ya, however, it wouldn’t be here, writing this article.

She helped pave the way. She showed us how much mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Learning to heal myself on an energetic level allowed me to fully step into a life that I only dreamt of 5 years ago.

Thank you, Louise, and thank you to all in her tribe. We will keep doing your work, Louise! We will keep helping people to heal and we will teach people to love themselves as you taught us. You left when you were supposed to and you left a legacy behind.

We’ll take it from here with your guidance from above.

With love, Ashley Strong

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