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Healing With Your Inner Child

How do we truly begin to heal and let go of the past? Over the years, I have learned that to truly heal; we must release. Releasing in order to heal means forgiving, setting ourselves free, calling our energy back, and letting go of trauma bonds. One main way to access this level of healing is through the Inner Child and the Higher Self!

What is the inner child, and why is it important?

“Essentially, our inner child is the forgiving, free-spirited part of us that still feels and experiences life as a child. But, just as it carries the positive aspects of being a child (like innocence, joy and creativity), it also carries the wounding of our past.” - Vas Touranis

Therapists will often guide you to look at and work with your inner child however, Spirit guides us to truly heal and release. Our higher self will guide the inner child to visit the moments the subconscious still clings to and then call those pieces back to our physical body and Spirit. This process is also known in shamanic practices as a soul retrieval!

When you work with your inner child from a spiritual perspective, you actually collect and call back missing pieces of you.

As humans, we don’t realize that we leave energy everywhere we go. When we have traumatic or painful experiences, we often leave pieces of our energy/spirit in those moments. We are still (spiritually speaking) in those moments, which is why they become so hard to let go of and affect us subtly throughout life.

When we journey back to them through our inner child healing, we can

  • Show up as who we needed in that moment

  • Say what we needed to say to those who hurt us

  • Hold our inner child, heal with him/her, and collect the energy left behind to make ourselves whole again.

The process is heavy, but the release is impeccable. It’s life-changing - I would say it will give you your life back!

There is so much that comes up when working with the inner child that we don’t consciously even realize we are holding on to! Listen to today’s episode and learn to connect with your inner child!

If you’re ready to work with your inner child, meet me on May 3rd at 2:00 PM For Becoming Whole With Your Inner Child! A 5 week journey to reconnecting, healing, and getting to know your inner child and higher self!

Becoming Whole With Your Inner Child is a group coaching program where you will learn

  • All about the inner child

  • How to connect with the inner child

  • How to call back your missing energy

  • How to let go/forgive/rise above the patterns and pains that pop up and hold you back

  • How to love and nurture your inner child

  • How to start showing up as the person you needed when you were younger

  • Self-forgiveness

  • And so much more!

This program is $299 for the full 5 weeks for early birds! After April 10th, the price will increase to $399! Grab your seat, as spots are limited!

All sessions will be recorded for playback if you can not attend the program live!

See you there!

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