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Every Person You Meet Is Your Teacher

Every Person You Meet Is Your Teacher

There was a time in my life when I just didn’t understand all of the negative that surrounded me. I didn’t understand why I grew up the way I did or why I was around certain people. I didn’t understand other people’s life choices and why I had to be a part of them. I just didn’t understand and not accepting people as they were made me miserable. I was trying to fight against who and what they were instead of understanding they served a purpose in my life.

That’s right; I take full responsibility for allowing other people to affect my quality of life.


You are in charge of your feelings! You are in charge of your emotions! No one can make you feel happy, sad, mad, or angry….unless you give them permission. I know that may be hard to stomach, I get it. I lived an overall angry life for 20 something years…but I changed my perspective and everything shifted. It all has to do with being conscious of your thoughts!

As a child of course you can’t control the environment you’re living in, the people at school, the abuse in the home, abandonment from loved ones, or your living quarters. You’re just a kid after all! But as an adult…as an adult you can choose to see the bigger picture. You can teach yourself how to see the good in everything.

Is this you?

Growing up your family struggled to make ends meet, you had to do more than your fair-share of the chores, and you were forced to grow up pretty quickly.

The kid next to you in class had the world at his feet, his parents bought him EVERYTHING. He hardly had any chores and his parents “babied” him…you were jealous.

That kid had no responsibilities, nothing to work towards, nothing that he HAD to accomplish in order to get the things he wanted.

You decided you weren’t going to struggle the way your parents did and you didn’t have too because the day you went out on your own, you EASILY got a job. The abundance of chores, well…they TAUGHT you responsibility. The struggle…well you ain’t going back! You have accomplished SO MUCH because of all that you have gone through. Dan from class has had the opposite happen because; he wasn’t prepared for the real world.

The lessons here?

Your parent’s may not be what you want them to be. They may not have given you the life you deserved or expected. Your childhood may have been rough but your parents taught you what you needed to know…they taught you so much…even if that means teaching you what NOT TO DO.

The kid from class, he taught you not to do every single thing for your kids (which is what you swore you would do!). He taught you to teach them to do things for themselves; to teach them to grow and how to earn on their own…with your support of course.

It all goes back to soul contracts we don’t necessarily have the people or situations in our lives that we WANT but we have the people we need…to teach us lessons on a much deeper level.

So once you shift your perspective from why is this happening TO me, to this is actually happening FOR me,  you see your world shift and change.

You start to understand that maybe the guy in front of you driving like a slug is keeping you from getting in an accident up the road. You understand that other people’s attitudes have nothing to do with you; they are just projecting what they feel on the inside.

The biggest one for me right now…realizing that friend’s come and go and serve a purpose in our life as well. You may still love someone as much as ever, but if you’re putting in all of the effort with little in return…realize that you have already learned your lesson from that person…even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Every single person we encounter serves a greater purpose in our life than we can always understand. I ask this of you my friend’s, next time someone hurts you or makes you upset…ask yourself these things

  1. Why am I allowing them to make me feel this way…(then stop)

  2. What good can possibly come from this situation (no matter how small…even if it only teaches you to protect yourself more)

And then remember…on some level they have helped you.

Love and light dear friends,


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