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Energy Reading October 2019

We come to you as a universal race of stars, we are in the light and uphold the highest and best vibration available to you now. We are here to tell you we are extending our love and gratitude to your planet at this time.

As you are aware you are under major changes as a whole and you will soon if you haven’t

 already begin to feel the effects of such a powerful-magical and energetic shift at this time.

We come to you to tell you to prepare yourself by aligning with that which feels best to you. To raise your vibration sit in meditation, call on us, but especially pay attention to any vibrations visions images and insight you may receive as you bounce about your day. 

You may have noticed sleep disturbances recently and we will tell you this, we have been coming and going in out of the dreams of those that have the abilitiy to connect with us though you may not have been aware.

Waking up feeling like you have been working or in conversations or heightened dreams and out of body experiences are all of us working with you and your spirit! Many people are feeling these effects now! There is no alarm – nothing to fear this is for your soul growth and expansion and preparation for the new wave of energy which will make a giant leap in the year 2020.

We come to bring this information to you. We tell you your physical body will need to be attuned as well. Here we tell you raising your vibration by working with your angelic team and correct food sources importing alkalized water in to your body, being cautious of things that lower your vibration such as water from an unpure source, meats and alcohol and refined sugars – these provide weight on the body and will indeed weigh down your vibration. 

It is imperative that you listen to us at this time. A new shift of awakening and energy is coming your way be prepared and algin with yourself and your highest calling and destination and take the trips and see the sights. In other words our message to you is to align with your higherself at this time. The big shift of manifesting is coming your way and all of those aligned will feel and tune in and receive our guidance if they so wish 


Hey guys! Ashley here! 

If I am being honest this was one of the most “out there” readings I have ever done – and when I do energy readings they typically seem to be “out there” as it is broader energy that I work with. 

During this reading my entire body was shaking and I had to stop a little short because of all the energy coming in I couldn’t physically sustain too much. I felt like I had written 4 pages and it was only a few short paragraphs. Time was basically standing still it was intense! I usually don’t add notes to these but I wanted to tell you to really pay attention to this one – it was like no other and seems very important! 

Things to note:

  1. Pay attention to your sleep patterns over the past two weeks and throughout the month.

  2. They mentioned alkaline water which is not something I have ever used so this was confusing to me. I am thinking it is because of the vibration of the water itself! 

  3. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. The things we consume can either raise or lower our vibration! 

  4. Get ready….energetically this “shift” is underway!

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