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Do Certain Types of Spirit Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

Do Certain Types of Spirits Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

Normally my articles are light-hearted, semi-humorous, down to Earth, how to’s and explanations about intuitive abilities and development. Today’s article is going to be slightly different but very personal to me. In the past two years I have done tons of research, exercises, and meditation’s; in this research I have found that sometimes us intuitive’s have a certain area that we accelerate in. Mine happens to be addiction and overdose. I know, how depressing….let me explain.

I have been around addiction my entire life; my father has substance abuse problems, my stepfather is an alcoholic, uncles, cousins, the list goes on. It was so prevalent all my life that I never really thought anything of it. Flash forward to middle school and (kid’s cover your ears!) I started drinking and eventually testing out the things my friend’s were doing. I got a little out of control and my mom thought I needed anti-depressants…I didn’t. What I needed was to get my sh*t together and realize that I was in control of my own life and that is what I did at the ripe old age of 15. Hey I started early, okay?

I kept the same friend’s but it seemed my willpower was stronger than theirs. I watched a lot of great people slip into harder drugs and the terrible darkness of addiction. Now at 27 years old I have had 7 friend’s die from drug overdose and two from alcohol related incidents. I’ve come close to losing my bestfriend to addiction and my cousin is suffering as well. As I watched people I once knew slip away I started to ask myself “what is different about me? I started doing all the same things as them but I was able to stop. Why am I surrounded by so much addiction?”

Right before I finally accepted my gifts, I had my third reading from a wonderful woman named Wendy. She kept talking about someone who I had known since a young age who needed my help crossing over; he was stuck and he was angry. My first reaction was “Nuh Uh, I am not the one, if he’s angry he’s obviously going to come and haunt me and I have enough problems with spirits in my house as it is!” Wendy explained to me that he was angry because he was stuck and he would be grateful for my help…reluctantly I agreed.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard….she said “he says his name is Simon” My heart sank, my body went numb, I was insanely cold and sweating, and then I felt an amazing sense of peace. Simon was a friend from middle school who had passed away the year before, we were never really close but we were still friend’s. I started crying and so did Wendy, that moment changed my life. I began to see death differently, but more importantly I began opening my gifts.

Over the years a friend named Charlie frequently visited my dreams…always angry and always waking me up. We were actually close when we were teenagers and this was totally not his normal demeanor. After my experience with Simon, I finally decided to try to help him cross over. I reassured him that it was ok and told him that he would be safe…he crossed a few days later. I have seen him once since then and it was in a wonderful meditation where he and Simon brought forth another spirit I had known. This time the spirit had already crossed but came to me in hopes that I could help his family. He showed me how his mother and brother were in a downward spiral with pills and alcohol. It broke my heart and I could feel the sadness coming from him but at the same time I felt a beautiful sense of comradery between the three spirits. This was something I hadn’t experienced before or since then.

It hasn’t always been people that I know either, those are just examples. One day while browsing Facebook I kept hearing the name “Chad,” I don’t know a Chad so I tried to ignore it. Eventually it was so loud and incessant that I gave in and said “Okay Chad, who are you and what do you want?” Again I saw drugs, sadness, a friend of mine (still alive that I hadn’t spoken to in years), and a recovery center. I went to the friend’s page knowing that she was recovering from her addiction and I looked at her friend’s list. Sure enough, one friend named Chad! I clicked on his page and he had passed away about 3 months earlier…after he had been in a recovery center. THE VERY NEXT DAY a girl I had worked with 5 years before ask me…ME of all people to help her admin a page for addiction…..what the what? OUT OF NO WHERE. It may seem like I live in a rough area but I can assure you I do not! I live in a beautiful part of Virginia. We have beaches, farmland, and some of the best schools in the state. We also have a very real epidemic going on and because of my connection to Chad, I know that it spreads as far as California.

Scenario’s like the ones above happen to me very often, so obviously I decided to figure out why. I asked during meditation “Spirit what is this all about? Why am I getting all of these kinds of connections?” I was shown a past life where I was an addict and this time around I was meant to help those in need. It made total sense. In this life I had a brief struggle with addiction…just enough to allow me to relate and give sympathy to others. I grew up with struggling addicts so that I could relate to the families of those that connect to me. I’m still not sure where this gift will take me but I am honored that spirit picked me to help crossover those that struggled with addiction in their human life.

I promise this is the only Debbie-Downer post I have so far and I totally will not make a habit of it. I just wanted to take the time to show you that it is possible to have a “specialty” in the mediumship world and there will always be a reason why you were given that specialty. Just dig a little deeper and you will find the answers!

Light, Love, and Spirit

*names have been changed for this article to protect the friend’s and family of those involved.

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