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Crystals, Spiritual Tools, And Psychic Messages. Everything In One Box!

Over here, for the past few months, there has been quite a bit going on behind the scenes. I’ve been building up new material for you guys, researching, reading, and working on new projects. My latest project is unlike anything else you’ve seen on my site thus far. It’s not a class, a course, a call, or a reading. It’s tangible and it’s something that is sent directly to your doorstep.

If you’ve ever worked with me through mentoring or one of my courses then you probably know that spirit loves to give us messages while we are doing mundane tasks. Personally, my guides LOVE to give me ideas while I am washing my hair…not even kidding. I assume it’s because this is when I am most relaxed.

Over the past year, I have started to treat my morning routine as an act of self-love. Each morning I workout, drink some tea, and then I shower. Every day I visualize the water cleansing my aura and rising away any low or dirty energy that is not mine. While washing my hair I always take a minute to try to make it a spiritual and meditative practice. Sounds weird but all I really do is imagine the soap rinsing away any blocks or stuck thoughts that need to move through me. That is when the ideas and messages start flowin’!

I had been asking my guides for new ideas that could teach others, appeal to a broad audience, and challenge me along the way. For two days I got nothin’ and eventually, I let the idea go.

When washing my hair one Saturday a lightbulb went off and I got to work almost immediately. There was a way to teach people, challenge myself, and appeal to a broader audience. All while setting a price point reachable to almost anyone, and so…

This box has a little bit of everything and it’s delivered to your doorstep once a month! It’s not your typical subscription box either. Not only does it have spiritual goodies in it but also spirit messages!

I’m sure you’ve heard of healing crystals and stones right?

With so many stones and all the different meanings; when I started out I had no clue where to start! So in this box, I decided to provide you with a crystal or stone plus its meaning and how to work with it.

“What about protective jewelry? I see people wearing bracelets, rings, and even earrings with stones in them. Where can I get those?”

Well, I’m glad you asked because that’s included too! Each month you will also receive protective/healing handmade jewelry. You will want to know the meaning to that stone too so each piece has an in-depth description to go along with it!

You’ve probably noticed that about 3 out of 5 of my blogs talk in some way about self-love.

Oh yea, I’m a biggggg self-love advocate. If I didn’t learn to love and appreciate myself I wouldn’t have this website, be a practicing medium, or even be sane. Seriously, I used to get so overwhelmed by any and everything. That was partially due to the fact that I didn’t let myself slow down and I really didn’t know how to properly treat myself.

In order to help everyone else learn to love themselves and make a smidge of time for themselves, I have included a suggested self-love activity as well. Most of the time you will find that this activity goes along with the other more tangible items in your box!

Speaking of tangible items, there will be a secret goodie each month too.

I’ve been working with vendors to get samples of their high vibrational goods just for you! Each month you will get a tangible item filled with love and good intentions. It might be a candle, a spray, or even a spiritual tool.

In the beginning of this article, I mentioned that The Little Light Box also includes a message from spirit. Though it is a message from spirit and not something that you can wear, it is to me, the most valuable of all the items in the box.

I love the way that this box challenges me to sit down and connect with spirit not only for myself or one specific client but for the community and collective as a whole.

The messages that come through are meant to let you know what to expect for the current month. What the energy is like, things you can do to help yourself heal, and ways to flow easiest in the current energy.

Each item in the box is infused with loving energy and divine intentions. I hand pick each item that goes into your box and make sure that all samples come from people who are filled with light and love. After all, it is a little box packed full of LIGHT!

Please note: The Little Light Box has been replaced by The Spirited Life Membership please check that out here! 

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