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Choose Your Words, Change Your….Water? Drink With Intention!

Have you ever heard of the rice experiment?

You know that raising your vibration and loving yourself leads to a more connected and peaceful life. You know that your thoughts create your reality and help you to manifest a life that you’re in love with. Did you know that this concept extends far beyond your physical body and reality?

In this article, I explain how you can help someone you love that is dealing with depression. With plants the more we love and care for them, the more they flourish. With bread and rice and other controlled experiments, the vibrations sent out to the specimens have a high impact on how they react.

The same happens with water and water molecules! What if you infused the water you drink with positive vibrations?

It is my honor to introduce to you my friend Sarah, she wants to talk to you a bit more about water and how we have the ability raise its vibration to influence what we are putting into our bodies!

Sarah, take it away!


Choose Your Words! Change Your Life!

While I’d love to say that all the hype about positivity and intention is, well, just hype, the truth is that it isn’t. There is a scientific reason why positivity can truly transform you on an energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Much of it comes down to WATER.

WATER? Yes, water. Water is one of the most vital and powerful substances on the planet. Water has the capacity to heal and fuel life in mind-blowing of ways.

Water makes up oceans, lakes, rivers, plants, food and most importantly, YOU!! Your body is made up of approximately 60-75% of it and that water absorbs every single thing you tell it!

If your thoughts and words are fueled by anger and negativity, you may feel down, sad, uncomfortable and possibly even ill. If your words are full of goodness, your energy increases, you feel joyful and possibilities open up by the minute.

Water molecules within the cells of your body take on the energetic vibration of what they come in contact with, even the clothes you wear and the colors of fabric on your skin. They feel touched by the warmth of a loved one and irked by violence and stress.

The same is true for what you ingest. That is why it is so important to bless your food and your water and send gratitude and light to everything you eat and drink.

The Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto spent years doing research on water, proving time an the again that water has this type of ability to remember everything. In his experiments, positive words were placed on water containers and surprisingly shifted the molecular structure of the water molecules themselves. His studies included writing the words on different containers of water and leaving them alone for days. After, he would freeze the water, and look at the molecules under a microscope.

Repeatedly he discovered distinct beautiful hexagonal shapes for the positive intentions and ugly asymmetrical crystals for the negative intentions. His studies confirmed why the body is so susceptible to illness under stress and why a positive mindset can truly support us in manifesting incredible lives.

My company, H2Life decided to create a fun lively tool for infusing positive intentions into our water in this very same way. Our signature water bottle stickers support us aligning with the energies we stand for and those we want to attract into our lives. Because after all, INTENTION lies at the heart of everything we create.

H2Life Stickers look beautiful and serve as a source of inspiration for uplifting energies all around. They are here to remind us that the greater forces in the universe come from love and that we can always transcend our challenges through this light. The pulse of the universe is ignited by light and love. We all get to feel our hearts beat to that every day.


Thanks, Sarah! Oh and just so you guys know, this is not a sponsored or affiliate post. This is just a product that I truly love and use every day. I have had the same sticker on my water bottles for over two months and run them through the dishwasher to clean them. They have yet to peel, wrinkle, or fade!

I know you guys will love these just as much as I do! Sarah and Melissa have offered up a $5.00 discount exclusive to my readers! The code is LIGHTLOVE 

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