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Can Animals See Ghosts And Spirits?

Do animals see ghosts? Does your pet see ghosts?

Everyone knows that animals have a heightened sense of awareness. It comes with their ability to survive, their animal instinct, and not having so many outside conditions to blur their vision and limit their perception. Unlike their human companions…

I’ve grown up with a variety of animals. I’ve had dogs, cats, birds, horses, bulls, and ostriches. Yes, things were weird sometimes, don’t judge.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that all animals are extreme empaths. Think about it, survival in the wild depends in part upon their ability to sense that in which they can not see. They intuitively and instinctively can pick up on the energy, the movements, and for some, even the electrical vibrations given off of other living beings.

But I’m willing to bet you aren’t here for a science lesson today. You’re more likely here to find out if your dog was, in fact, barking at a ghost last Tuesday night.

Animals can easily pick up on ghosts if the spirit’s energy is strong enough and if the animal is paying attention. I word it this way because there will be times that you can sense a spirit or ghost when your pet can not.

When we moved into my previous house I knew it was “haunted.” I hadn’t quite dug into my gifts yet but the very first night I was there alone I heard a thumping and felt someone hovering over me. My dog was the only one there with me and he heard it too. He was growling and his hair was standing up.

Fast forward a few years and I had begun working with my gifts, had set a few boundaries, and hadn’t felt the spirit in a few months.

I was rocking my newborn baby back to sleep around 2 am when suddenly I felt a chill and knew someone was in there with us. I tried as hard as I could to ignore it but once my dog started going insane I had no choice but to acknowledge it.

My dog stood up from a dead sleep at my feet, faced the opposite wall (no windows there), started growling, barking, and drooling. His hair was standing up and he was pouncing at the wall. You would have thought an intruder had just appeared out of thin air.

Obviously, I hightailed it out of there and babyboo slept with me that night. The next day I did a furious smudging and cast out whatever spirit it was. No problems after that. Don’t mess with Mama Bear!

This is when our animals help us with spirit. When the presence of a spirit is so strong that they can validate what we are already feeling.

Dogs are pretty good at this…depending on the dog of course. My other one has acted more like a cat when it comes to seeing spirits.

Cats actually have a very strong spiritual connection.

I don’t know exactly what it is but have you ever looked into a cats eyes? It’s like you’re looking straight at a soul and they are staring directly into yours. When it comes to seeing spirit, cats give great indicators as to what type of spirit you’re workin’ with.

When the spirit is benevolent you will often see the cat (or dog in my case) watch the spirit or even try to approach it. Cats will watch and observe something on the wall or around the room that you can’t see. They have also been known to walk up to what they see, go sit in a different spot close to the one they were watching, or even arch their backs as if someone is petting them.

It’s pretty amazing to watch!

Cats can also tell when a spirit has a low vibe (such as a landlocked ghost). They will let you know by hissing, meowing, or even by running away and hiding. Not protective like a big dog but more telling for sure!

Horses are such spiritual animals; anyone who works with them (believers in spirit or not) can tell you this.

A horse knows what you’re thinking before you even come in contact with it. They will react completely to the energy that you’re putting off. They are such empathic animals it’s no wonder they are used so often in healing therapy!

Horses will surely let you know if they see or feel something and are spooked quite easily. I have known horses to back up in their stalls, rear-up, start making a ton of noise, and even take off when sensing vibes that were uncomfortable for them.

As a kid, I remember being in our barn and I felt it… something watching me and even following me. All of the horses in my barn started acting strangely as well. Their nervous habits started to show, some started making weird noises, and one started kicking. Even back then, I knew that they were trying to tell me something.

If we listen and pay attention, animals can validate or even show us when a spirit is around.

You may not notice them reacting to a loved one or spirit guide that is present as that spirit may only be holding the space for you to receive their communication. This is more subtle and might be done via tingles, visions, or hearing clairaudiently.

Trust that animals can absolutely sense spirits and ghosts. The more in tune you become with your pets, the more in tune you might just become with spirit!

To learn more about the different intuitive abilities, how to manage yours, and even tap into what your pet has been seeing around your house, click here!

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