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Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

When I started my blog I had no idea how many amazing women were going to be there to back me. I thought that I would be doing this all on my own but over the years I have come to know some pretty amazing souls. When I can, I do my best to give back, outreach and feature special women in the community who have helped me along the way. I have mentioned my friend Amanda, her sister Sarah, and Jess from Intuitive Souls Blog throughout the site. Today, I feature Nixie Marie from I Am Goddess Collective.

It is so important to lift each other up especially in the work that we do. Spreading the word about other lightworkers is also to spreading the light!

Nixie and I first connected when she reached out to me after hearing an interview I did on The Positive Heads Podcast. We connected instantly as we talked about spirit, finding our purpose and being spiritual business women.

When I had the idea to start The Little Light Box I wanted to include as many lightworkers and divine entrepreneurs as I could. The idea with The Little Light Box is not only to deliver beautifully packed goodies to your doorstep but also to increase spiritual knowledge and awareness through crystals and the goodies included.

In an effort to reach and help vendors in the community, I posted in a Facebook group that Nixie and I are both a part of and she messaged me almost immediately.

A week or so later we had a conference call where we finally got to talk in person; it was just like talking to an old friend! I was so excited to talk to her and let me tell you the girl had some great ideas. She even so graciously asked me to interview on her podcast I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE.

Nixie can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

“I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE is a piece of my heart to yours as we come together and awaken the Divine Feminine within us. I have created this platform as a safe space for us all to learn, evolve, heal, empower, and support one another. Through community and sisterhood, we invoke healing, transformation, ritual, ancient wisdom, plant medicine, ceremony, laughter, play, seduction, grace, and empowerment throughout the entire world. I am a lover of the earth, the sun, the moon, and all things metaphysical. I found myself through the healing arts and studying in the realms of shamanism, witchcraft, sound healing, ritual dance, and moon magick. I am a Visionary Entrepreneur, Shamanic Artist, Designer, and Healer.”

I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE PODCAST is so empowering and is a great way to raise your vibe! Last week I listened to an episode about interior design and how color, clutter, and the like have so much to do with our own energy.

In addition to her amazing podcast and collaborative website, Nixie has a few offerings of her own; one of which was included in The Little Light Box this month! The box was themed for the heart chakra so her peace and love potion was a perfect fit for this month’s subscription.

Nixie, can you tell us about how you make these wonderful sprays without giving away too many secrets?

“Sure! Each potion is blended with love and intention. In my process, I generally begin by pulling a card from one of my oracle decks that then leads me into the specific intention for the blend.

I then smudge my workspace and create a crystal vortex around my desk.

I use essential oils and each one has its own unique healing property. Most of the oils are chosen intuitively though I will occasionally use my guidebook for validation.

After the potion is created I give it a sound bath to the frequency of 440 Hz with my singing bowl. Followed by an intention prayer.

The final step is to let it charge upon my altar overnight.” You can honestly feel how much love and intention goes into each spray! To purchase a bottle of Nixie’s peace spray you can use this link. If you’re interested in signing up for The Little Light Box, you can do that here. Nixie will have another item featured in the box soon so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on that one!

In addition to her podcast and potions, Nixie is also teaching shamanic healing art. Her latest course is all about reclaiming your feminine through art. To find out more about Nixie and embark on your connection with your own divine feminine check out her facebook group!

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