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Blocked Intuition? 9 Ways To Develop Your Spiritual Connections.

Today’s post comes from a reader question who is frustrated with the rate of her spiritual development.

J writes:

I have taken many many intuitive courses and read anything I could get my hands on but my progress has been at a halt for 2 years. Why does this come so easy for some and not for others? Every time I throw in the towel after about a week or two there is this strong pull to keep at it but after a certain point, it feels like I am wasting my time and money. At what point should one just accept this isn’t their path and walk away? Perhaps it isn’t answerable and varies person to person?

I am happy to answer this question because I too know this frustration! A long time ago I asked my spirit team “what is the purpose of mediumship” and in a channeled message (which you can read here) they basically said mediumship and spiritual connections are simply for our soul’s own healing.

So, yes, this is will vary by individual but there are a few key things to keep in mind as you go about your spiritual and self-developmental journey!

 9 Ways To Move Past Blocks To Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection

#1 Healing on a soul level.

This is the most significant factor for most of us and where all intuitive work begins and ends. We have to cultivate a strong relationship and accept ourselves wholly. We have to love with ourselves, our present state, and our past.

This often means that we often have to journey with our inner-child, forgive those that have not asked for it, cut energetic cords, and sit in meditation asking our higher selves. We need to ask our higher selves to present any memories/events/ideas that may be holding us back.

I always suggest that you keep a journal handy when doing this and prepare yourself for a good purge because often times things will come up that you thought you worked through. Even the most seemingly insignificant thing is powerful in this process if it’s coming up.

This isn’t a one and done type of thing; it’s a continuous journey of healing and checking in throughout life.

 #2 Cultivate a solid connection with the higher self!

Get to know the most authentic and loving part of you. This part of you will guide you, help you open up to spirit, and help you to heal! Learn to connect with your higher self here!

#3 Subtle awareness

Self and subtle awareness! The more we are aware of our thoughts, words, and energy the easier it is to receive spirit.

Spirit energy is gentle and must be felt. The higher our vibration is the easier it is to receive spirit in whatever capacity they choose to come to us. The more in tune we are with our own energy and awareness the more we will tune into spirit!

#4 Sometimes we need tangible evidence.

We often get signs and messages but dismiss them as our own thoughts. Because of this, automatic writing and asking for signs is a beautiful and tangible way to connect to spirit. I ask for signs ALL THE TIME even though I can see and hear. It’s always easier to get more for someone else than yourself which brings me to…

#5 The ego, we have to tell our ego to step all the way back!

Our ego makes us think we are small and will do it’s best to stunt our growth. The ego’s entire job is to keep us safe, comfortable, and protected. Telling your ego to step back throughout the day takes you out of survival mode and into receptive mode!

#6  Be patient with yourself!

#7 Open your chakras and clear your energy often.

Our chakras play a vital role in our spiritual connections as well as the health of our physical bodies.

#8 How do you receive best?

Check in and make sure that you’re connecting in the right way via the right intuitive ability aka “clair”. Sometimes we are expecting to hear and see when our team is trying to guide us by feelings and knowings.

#9 Surrender!

Spirit is subtle, but they know what they are doing. Release all expectations and allow them to guide you. Trust and surrender. Open your mind and your heart. Perception and awareness are KEY!

So to recap in general when people have trouble connecting they need to look at what healing gets to be done. Journeying through the past and seeing what is blocking them! Opening ourselves up to the magic and awareness and subtle energies. We need to call in the signs from spirit and give ourselves a tangible way to receive. Asking for signs and automatic writing helps to accomplish this! We need to be connecting to our higher selves for clarity. We also need to make sure we are open to receive in the way spirit wants us to receive not how we expect to receive. We have to trust, surrender, and let ourselves be guided.

We have to be patient, and most importantly we need NEVER to give up. There will be quiet periods; these are times for reflection and integration of the lessons we have learned.

This is a journey to getting closer to ourselves and allowing our souls to grow. No matter if we’re not hearing or seeing we always need to stay in connection to spirit because no matter what they guide us love us and support us!

If you’re not sure where to start or how to journey through your own healing please check out the two resources below that will surely help take you to the next level of spiritual development, understanding, and self-healing! 

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