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Autopilot & Subconscious Programming

Operating on Autopilot

What programs are running in the background of your mind? Are you even conscious of your automatic actions and patterns? If not, how do you become aware enough to program what works and remove the programs that don’t?

We all have programs and patterns that are hardwired into our current “operating system.” The words we say, the thoughts we think, and in general, our mindset are all behaviors that are typically running on autopilot until we do the intentional work to look at them.

Using affirmations, meditations, and hypnosis consistently is a great way to rewire your neuropathways to create subconscious patterns and programs that support you instead of those that don’t.

We can create healthy habits that support our goals, dreams, and desires, but it often takes work and intention.

Most of our patterns and subconscious programs come from childhood! As children, we are sponges to the atmosphere around us; this means that often without realizing it, we adopt the mindset of those around us, parents, teachers, family, etc.!

If someone tells us our worth, we begin to believe them and act out our life from that place!


Many people who leave their jobs searching for a higher salary or business ownership have a hard time making much more than their previous salary. Myself included! For years I made EXACTLY what I made at my corporate job in my own business.

Someone defined my worth, and I believed them! They handed me a paycheck that said, “This is what we think you are worth,” Until I did my mindset work around that number, I couldn’t break free from it in my own business!

Crazy right? Subconscious programming is SO SO powerful!

Please take a listen (or watch) to today’s Spirited Life episode, which I recently recorded live on Facebook!

If you’re ready to change how you think and operate subconsciously, join us in Becoming Whole With Your Inner Child!

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