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August 2019 Energy Report

August Energy Reading

As you backtrack over the past 6-8 months surly you will be able to see the differences in the way your life looks. You may have started this year out eager to start new adventures or perhaps you had a plan that you were preparing to set in action.

The energy of the year has been turbulent as you have surly experienced many ups and downs and rocky moments emotionally and financially speaking. For most of you, these moments have not been substantial but there have been moments so far that have caused you to go into a very deep reflection.

These moments helped you to reshape and transform your path, look at relationships, and look at your ways of being. This has been a collective experience.

It’s easy to see that this entire year is about reflection and allowing things to surface that have not been completely healed and dealt with. This is why random visions and memories of your past have been creeping up. These memories are letting you know you still have a bit of healing to do. There is no more hiding from the emotions that reside within you.

This year is slow going in terms of movement and energy so please do not become discouraged if things are not moving as quickly as you would like. They are moving at the perfect pace for you to set your foundation and grab your footing. As we move into new and exciting adventures together remember the earth is shifting and so is the energy meaning that things will become even easier to manifest as time goes on but first this clearing must happen.

It is not that movement is not happening for surly it is and it is not that you can not manifest because surely you can. Keep your eyes and vibration in alignment with that which you wish to call in, that said instead of mistrusting the support for you remember to lean in and fall in our arms we are here for support and will never let you go but at times things take patience.

All that is meant for your best and highest good is on its way. Use this new moon to call in assistance on that which you have been working on. Need help with your emotions, resolutions, business, and projects? Use the energy of the new moon to help you manifest a resolution and to call it into your reality.

The full moon of this season will also be useful and quite challenging no matter your alignment or vibration. Remember that you can use and align with the energy of the moon to support you in clearing and manifestation relating and calling in.

You are supported dear one and you are loved. Never forget this when times are slow when times are tough you’re just being asked to keep going one foot in front of the other. Slow and steady wins the race. We are supporting you and you will see be patient dear one… be patient!

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