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August 2018 – Energy Reading

Welcome to the month of August where intentions and vibrations flourish. This month is about setting your intentions and aligning your vibration with them.

Allow your vibration to bring to you what you know that you want and what your soul knows that you need. This month place your attention to connecting not only with spirit – not only with the universe – but also with yourself. Allow yourself to absorb the lessons that are unfolding around you. Allow yourself to see what is for you and connect the dots so to speak.

Allow yourself to feel that we are gifting you instead of taking. What we mean is that sometimes unanswered prayers or manifestations are indeed for your highest interest and not because we are not listening. Something better is on the way! Do not become bitter in your thoughts, pay very very close attention to the vibration this month.

Set your intentions to manifest your new job, your new clothing, your new material items, or even the people that you need connection with. There is no greediness when it comes to manifesting – we are here and are ready to fulfill your order once it has been clearly placed.

You are able to feel into what you want. You are able to manifest abundance and material items. You are able to manifest peace and tranquility as it is so much needed in your daily lives. You think all the time must be go go going. You think all the time you must fill your time slots with lists and to-do. You can always just sit and be. There is no such thing as time and indeed when you rush you have much less of it! So, work sometimes on manifesting peace and quiet!

Work on manifesting alone time so that you have the space to reconnect with yourself this month. Set the intention to get acquainted with yourself – to learn to know yourself. Set the intention to feel good to feel great and if it is material items that help you with this then so be it but first understand why you want them and if they are in your best interest. The only way to do this is to manifest time with yourself rekindling that flame of connection with the true you! Love yourself! Heal yourself! Feel yourself! Ask yourself what you want and need your higher will surely show you the way!

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