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April 2019 Energy Reading

This time month is unusual with its flow of energy.

You may start to notice things taking shape right before your eyes and your manifestations becoming a reality practically before you can think it.

Don’t let this energy pass you by without taking advantage! To really take heed and gain of this situation look it dead in the face and tell the universe what you want. What is your order? Do you want something great and grand? Now is the time to tell the universe you’re ready!

Be careful with the energy of this month because what you focus on WILL grow so things you do not wish for your experience should get little to no attention at all. If you’re willing to put in the work it is the perfect time for expanding your consciousness and gifts. Get in tune with the energy around you and ask to see more ask to feel more.

The energy of mother earth is waking up from her long winter’s nap and you will see the convergence of energy and intention – meaning if you set your sites on expansion you will see expansion. Everything is vibrating at a high rate right now and so your conscious connections are more easily accessible with us. What we mean is now is the perfect time to tune into us with very little effort on your part!

Also, this month is a great time to learn about and connect with land spirits! Tap into your ancient wisdom and ancestors and connect with animal energy – deer energy in particular as you go about your journey this month! The deer is soft and fast and a great and grand spiritual messenger. Allow this energy into your life and ask it to show you the next direction of your path for you will surely be guided!

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