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April 2018 – Energy Reading

The energy of the coming month flows like water in the direction of diligence, perseverance, goals and growth. This energy comes with incredible strength. Throughout the month you may notice that you are less likely to give up on projects or to surrender when things get tough.

You will feel ambition but will feel it with love, this is a collective force. What we mean is there will be a sense of united strength in the air as well as personal strength. As you grow through the month you will see that there have been specific obstacles placed in front of you that will challenge you but in the most beautiful way. Almost as if it were a child’s game or a footrace you were trying to win.

The challenges will be fun and will show you your capabilities. You will have the chance to brainstorm and think outside of the box for new and innovative solutions to things you have encountered before. This time, however, your outlook and concentration is focused on positive, joyous, embarkment with a gentle focus on unity and kindness as well.

Think of the month of April as an uprising in Taurus energy but in a more challenging and beautiful way than you are used too. The month won’t feel stubborn or “bull headed” instead it will feel like a fun game or a strong wind pushing you in the right direction.

Allow yourself to flow and find the magic in these challenges for if you resist you will be missing the entire point. If you resist and don’t flow with what is being brought before you then you will feel the hardness, the need for surrender, and you will feel like you are being blocked.

See this month as an opportunity for individual growth, societal growth and growth of relationships.

Plants aren’t the only thing blooming this month. Plants aren’t the only thing popping out of the dirt having been covered for a season. In other words the past few months may have felt low, dirty, and challenging. This month is a time for you to shift perspective and allow for the hardships of the past to allow you to flourish.

Look at these life challenges as a game and one in which you are all winners as long as you allow yourselves to absorb the lessons.

Flow with your challenges, look them in the face – smile – and know that they are FOR you. Have fun with it this month! Feel giddy and smile with all of that dirt on your faces.

Grow your seeds to embellish the strong roots beneath that only you can see!

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