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Another Example of How We Are All Connected!

In my last article I wrote about my best friend, well I actually have two of them. My husband jokes me all the time and says, “you can only have one best friend” not true. My two best friend’s are total opposites, play totally different roles in my life, and don’t even know each other! Both relationships do have one thing in common though; it wasn’t love at first sight!

Rae and I met when we were 12; she was walking by my lunch table, I made a sound she thought was directed at her, and she hated me because of it. A few weeks later I was riding my bike in my neighborhood and low and behold there she is sitting on the steps…I didn’t even know she lived in my neighborhood! She invited me to sit down and we talked and we have been like sisters ever since. We even call each other’s parents Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa (in my case).

Rae and I totally grew up together; we had all the same friends, did all the same things, and knew each other’s deepest and darkest secrets. I moved at the beginning of high school but that didn’t change anything. Our lives have taken different paths, but she is my family and nothing will change that.

Today’s article is about connection; another article to show you how everything and everyone is connected. So Imma take it wayyyyyy on back today!

T ’was Halloween, we were thirteen years old and Rae was grounded and I wasn’t…HA! I was walking to meet some friend’s in a connecting neighborhood and I met Charlie along the way and to be honest I had an INSTANT crush. He was older than me, tall, beautiful eyes, and dressed as a homeless person…what’s not to love right? The crush didn’t last long but the friendship did; fast forward and every day Charlie, Rae, me, and Charlie’s cousin were inseparable! Charlie and Rae started dating and that lasted close to two years.

Charlie was an awesome guy who got into some pretty bad things and eventually after they had broken up so did Rae. Charlie kind of lost touch with us over the years but if ever we did see him it was like nothing ever changed.

Charlie passed away a few years ago and I randomly started having dreams about him. Dreams where he was angry, speaking to me and totally not being himself, I didn’t know what any of them meant. I told Rae about it and she told me “he’s probably trying to communicate with you.” I shrugged it off for years until I figured out how to manage all of this.

One day after I had started opening my gifts up he came to me again and I helped him cross over. I instantly called Rae and told her all about it, I couldn’t believe her response.

“You need to do this, you need to look into this but you need to educate yourself and you need to figure out how to do it safely”

She was right and I owe so much to her for helping me with this. Since then I have been 100% open with her, she is probably THE ONLY person who knows just about every spirit I have encountered. I even called her frantically one night after a mutual friend (also passed away due to an addiction) came to me. She knew his family and I asked her specific questions about the mom. Turns out they were right and the spirit really wanted to get a message to his mom and brother…I never did relay the message out of fear.

Rae also struggles with addiction. It’s sad and it’s hard but it is the truth. She has never been able to hide it from me and I never knew why I “knew” but I just did. Recently her guides came through to tell me all about what has been going on in her head and within her soul. I even accidentally took on her energy and it was almost unbearable. I called Rae and told her all about it, she confirmed that what I heard and felt were accurate.

I don’t like to give friend’s or family readings because I know too much about them and I don’t want to risk me talking instead of spirit. This was different though. This wasn’t a reading, this was her guides coming to me without me asking or setting an intention.

Last Sunday she called me and told me she wants to become more spiritual and she is ready to change her life. She asked me to help her…to give her homework. She kind of asked me to be a spiritual life coach, I can honestly say that’s a new one for me but I couldn’t be more excited! I want to do is help people and that is what I use this gift for. I connect people to their guides and their loved ones passed in an effort to help them find peace. I have never guided someone to find THEIR connection to source and coach them using the steps I have used or the knowledge I have gained but I am so excited to start.

Had I not accidentally met Charlie, I don’t know that I would even be practicing mediumship today. It’s all connected and it’s all weird and it doesn’t always make sense until you really take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

So thank you Charlie for helping to introduce me to the other side and for your continuous help along the way. Thank you Rae for opening my eyes to so much more than I ever knew possible….and additionally, Rae, thank you even more for helping me through my awkward teenage years.

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