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An Open Letter to the Friends and Family of a Psychic Medium

Dear Friends and Family,

So you found out I’m a medium huh? It was bound to happen sooner or later. I mean that is why I started a website, to make people aware of this kind of thing.

First off…no, I have not gone crazy. No, I am not on drugs. No, I do not NEED to be on drugs. Whew, okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk.

Mediumship can be a hard subject to discuss, I mean after all it’s not tangible. You can’t hold it in your hand and look at it, you can’t snap a picture to show proof, and for most people seeing is believing. I get it. I’ve gone my entire life just thinking I was a crazy person, thinking the things I hear, feel, and see were all in my head because no one else could see them. I’m over that now, I’ve learned how to manage this gift and I’m ready to be real with ya.

I understand that religious friends and family may be scared for me; “you’re going to Hell!”

Stop. No, I’m not.

Look, I NEVER believed in God…my entire life I questioned it. I remember saying to my mom at 4 or 6 years old something like “why is our God real but someone else’s God isn’t?”

No one could answer my question. When I decided to face this thing head on and stop being afraid all the time that is when I realized…Source Energy (God) is real.

I’m still not religious but I am spiritual and I will tell you something. This whole mediumship thing, yeah, it changed my life for the better. Now for the first time in my ENTIRE life, I know that there is someone on the other-side looking out for me, looking out for all of us. (Just to be clear no I am not claiming to have seen God)

You don’t need to be scared! That stuff they show you in movies and on TV it’s nothing like that, okay?

Really! It’s beautiful and it’s all about love and guidance. Seriously! That is why I am doing this, to help people. I help grieving people, people who just need guidance, people like me who feel and hear things but don’t know what’s going on. I HELP them…it’s all for the greater good and there is nothing dark about what I do.

Here’s the deal

I’ve always had vivid dreams, crazy experiences, and I’ve always felt and heard weird things. As a kid, I was told it was my imagination but as an adult, I knew it was something more. I lived in fear for a long time…a really long time.

I used to ask “Why me? Why doesn’t anyone else experience this stuff?”

One day I got sick of being afraid. I called my bestfriend who knew all of the weird things that I had encountered throughout life. I expected her to tell me I was crazy but she didn’t. She told me to go for it but to be safe, so I did.

Over the past few years, I’ve been reading books, doing research, and learning how to control and use my gift for the best and highest good.

My entire life has changed and for the better.

I’m a MUCH MUCH happier person. I’m more positive than I’ve ever been and I appreciate the world now instead of just thinking it’s against me. I’m happy to be alive and I no longer live my life in fear.

I’m not asking you to believe in this stuff and I’m not asking you to pass out business cards for me. All I want out of this is freedom to be myself. I’m not going to talk about it constantly or try to shove it down your throat. I am just going to continue to be the same girl you know and love.

I am still the same me, I am just letting you see the whole me instead of just a half.

  1. I am the same girl who adores the beach

  2. The same friend that is always on the dancefloor with you

  3. The same girl who loves road trips

  4. The same girl you do family dinners with

  5. The same girl you grew up with (though a little wiser and a lot happier)

The same mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, niece, and cousin you’ve always known

I understand that this probably isn’t going to sit well with everyone and that’s okay. I really do understand. It took me 20 something years to accept it, so take your time. Just please be respectful, this wasn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, it took a whole hell of a lot of courage. A WHOLE LOT OF COURAGE.

Think of it this way

An artist has a talent, they don’t know why or how they know how to paint beautiful landscapes…it comes from within. Do you ask them to defend this gift they have, do you ask them to explain where these images come from that they put to paper for you? No. It just comes from within.

So before you judge me and before you cut off all contact with me remember that this is who I’ve always been and always will be. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to be true to herself.

My wish for everyone is that they find the courage to be true to themselves. We all have gifts and we all have talents, embrace them. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who embraces who they really are.  Who knows, once you accept yourself you may end up helping someone else along the way.

With Love,


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