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A Day On the Job With Me – What It’s Like

Today’s post is not about intuitive development, instead, I’m taking it back to journaling. The foundation on which this site was built! I want to give you a look inside my life as a medium…just one day of it. I’m taking my teacher and mentor hat off for a second and I’m letting you see what it’s like to be a medium on the job.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a metaphysical conference at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, an internationally known organization. I was so excited for the opportunity! Seriously, so giddy about connecting with people in my area that I couldn’t contain myself…until I had to.

The day of the conference I woke up with no voice, literally none. I couldn’t even get out a whisper. I was freaking out y’all!

“Should I call and cancel? No that would be unprofessional. Really though, how am I supposed to talk for 8 hours with no voice? Maybe I just show up and let them tell me to go home? WHAT DO I DO?”

Consulting my guides I heard, “just try Ashley, you’re going to be very surprised”

A bit reluctant, I put on my big girl pants, did my hair and makeup, and I was out the door. When I arrived I told the coordinator of the event what was going on. She gave me the option to leave, but handed me some herbal cough drops to try should I decide to stay. I remembered what my guides told me and I decided to give it a go.

I met so many wonderful people. All of which kept sending me healing energy and offering to help me in any way they could. Wouldn’t you know it, about 3 readings in my voice started to come back a bit? Still raspy but at least I could talk without straining!

These conferences are the total opposite of what I am used too. If you’ve worked with me, then you know my readings last about an hour on the phone. I like to connect to your guides before hand to establish a strong connection and I try to be as relaxed and calm as possible.

The conferences, however, are 20-minute sessions with back to back clients. Totally different but a wonderful change of pace.

In the reading room, there must have been 14 of us all with different talents. Some mediums, others astrologers, tarot readers, and more. The energy was insane – I can’t even describe it. So many spirits, so many practitioners, and so. much. love.

I saw more orbs, lights, and spirit with my physical eyes in one day than I usually do in three months time! It was so beautiful!

I gave at least 13 readings that day (I lost count). Some of the readings were typical spirit guidance, others were funny, but there were a few that really stuck with me. One in particular that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

He was probably somewhere between 18-21, tall, and gave an instant vibe of skepticism. However, before we even reached my area I had picked up on his father.

We sat down and I told him his dad had been walking with us. In that moment he looked at me in disbelief with tears in his eyes.

He didn’t have much to say and didn’t want to confirm or deny anything. He did, however, confirm that he was pushed to come by his mother. Something his father made a joke about. It totally made sense as to why he was so shut off!

As I looked across the table at my client seeing his father’s spirit to my right, I too almost got a bit choked up. My client was so angry and so hurt that his dad had left the physical world. He wouldn’t say it but his dad brought it up many times.

His father also showed me something my client had been doing that was really REALLY upsetting him. This was also something that my client confirmed. The father so badly kept trying to lecture him but I was encouraging him to provide words of love.

At one point the dad even showed me an image of him popping my client in the back of the head as if to say “what is wrong with you son?” Luckily, my client got a laugh out of this and confirmed the action. This was one of those messages I was nervous to deliver!

The dynamic between these two was strained. A dad who loved his son very much but wanted only to lecture. A son so deep within his own pain – so reserved, that the only thing he could do was either tear up or crack a smile.

Of course, things about the family, his mother, and even his stepping up around the house came up. Mostly though, spirit wanted to focus on his healing and the personal issue that surfaced during the reading.

Since the conference, this particular session has come to mind at least twice a day. I pray so hard that he finds the depth within his father’s message and that he takes it to heart because if not…I just don’t know.

As a professional medium, I do my best to disconnect from the harder messages. However, as an empath and a human being, I want to help. It’s in my being to want to fix and heal. In circumstances such as this, I have to remind myself that the reading in itself was the healing.

I just want so deeply to help these people heal and move forward. I think the hardest thing for me is remembering that I am just the messenger. Spirit brings through what needs to be said and it’s just my job to deliver it. I can’t do anything about how the messages are received and sometimes…that’s tough.

I am still sending love to that kid.

After group readings or conferences I am always depleted. It takes quite a bit of energy to hold a connection that long. Think of trying to flex the same muscles for an extended period of time; you’d get tired too!

On those days I come home, smudge myself, ask my guides to refill my energy tank, and then I rest. It usually takes me an entire 24 hours to recover from a conference or big group session.

Being a medium isn’t easy and that’s why so many people choose to shy away from it. It can be taxing both emotionally and physically. For me, it feels that in the end the results and the healing brought through are far more rewarding than not doing it at all.

I love this gift and I love that I am able to help people heal and see the light. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could be the one to help save people.

I thought I was the one that needed saving. Turns out, I did. It was just by myself and by spirit.

Namaste beloveds. Thanks for joining me in this sacred space today!

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