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4 Ways To Develop and Increase Intuition

4 ways to enhance your intuition! 

Intuition is a natural part of our human existence. Our gut can lead us away from a bad situation, and a mother instinctively knows when her child is hurt or in danger. Why is mother’s intuition accepted and acknowledged yet other types of intuition are still seen as fake or woo-woo? You can magnify your natural intuition, and I am going to give you 4 easy ways to do just that! 

#1 Awareness 

Awareness is the first step to bringing forth your intuition. Spirit, signs, and guidance are always readily available to us, but most of us have become numb to these subtle pings. The noise of cars, lawnmowers, and the wind are still there, but we hardly slow down to actually notice it. 

If we take the time to slow down and become aware of the subtle sounds, energies, and feelings around us, our intuitive side will naturally expand.

When you bring awareness to the subtle energies and sounds around you, you begin to fine-tune your other more intuitive muscles! 

Self-awareness is just as critical as being physically aware! You raise your vibration naturally when you acknowledge yourself throughout each day. As you become self-aware, you will notice how you think, act, and speak to yourself. Your higher self will then step in and guide you towards a more loving perception of yourself and the world.

How expanding your awareness helps grow your intuition! 

  1. Focusing in on your hearing expands your clairaudience

  2. Visualizing the wind and other unseen but felt energies will enhance your clairvoyance

  3. Following your gut feelings will intensify your claircognizance

  4. Feeling water, wind, and gentle touches on the skin will improve your clairsentience

When you combine self and environmental awareness, you are sure to expand your intuition! 

#2 Perception is vital! 

You have to become a vibrational match for what you wish to receive! The higher your vibration, the easier it is to strengthen your intuition and receive spiritual communications! 

The higher your vibe, the easier it is to align with the divine to receive guidance and signs! If you want to connect with the light, then be a light, see light everywhere and in everyone. Choose an elevated perspective by focusing on what feels best! 

Perception means seeing beyond what is placed in front of you. Ask yourself these elevated questions to expand your intuition!

  1. What can you see that is not being shown?

  2. What signs can you ask for and then raise your awareness to know that you’re being guided?

  3. What is the highest perspective in every moment and situation?

These exercises will help you to raise your vibration and expand your perception. 

# 3 Raise Your Vibration To Enhance Your Intuition! 

Raising your vibrational frequency means elevating your mind, body, and energy to match with the divine all around you! There is so much magic that happens when your raise your vibration! 

  1. You will manifest more of what you DO want. 

  2. People and situations respond in your favor.

  3. It’s easier to drop into meditation. 

  4. It’s easier to connect with spirit! 

Here’s how to raise your vibration! 

  1. Meditate

  2. Do things that bring you joy.

  3. Dance.

  4. Eat whole and nutritious foods.

  5. Limit alcohol and other substances. 

  6. Be with people who lift you versus bringing you down. 

  7. Focus more on your spiritual practice, and be consistent! 

#4 Make the time! 

Just like with any new skill set, practice, patience, and persistence will reap the most benefit! I tell people all the time that you can absorb all the knowledge in the world, but until you sit down and apply that education all you have is a full mental filing cabinet. 

  1. Surgeons go to school and gain knowledge, but they also have many opportunities to practice that knowledge hands-on. 

  2. Firemen go through fire school but also have to get in the field to embody the lessons learned. 

  3. Artists generally master a technique before they feel confident enough to put their work on display. 

Intuition is no different, and that was a valuable lesson I learned when I started working with spirit. I had so so so much knowledge in so many different areas. Yet, my meditations and spiritual connections were stagnant to say the least. I hadn’t actually grown spiritually; instead, I had a full mental filing cabinet! 

Once I started making the space for spiritual connections continuously throughout my day, the game changed. 

Making spiritual space means:

  1. Meditating daily, either while active or sitting still. (Supportive article here.)

  2. Talking to your guides and angels before you can even hear them! 

  3. Listening to your intuition.

  4. Enhancing each intuitive muscle by using the right exercises! 

The Intuitive Development And Progression Course is how you can learn how to expand your intuition and consistent without the overwhelm! This program has changed hundreds of lives and can change yours too!

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