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3 Inspiring Ways To Live A Spiritual Life In A Material World

Within these modern times where just about everything is driven by automation and technology, how can we reconnect with our spiritual side? Spirituality means something different to each and every person; it does not fit in a box and it does not conform to one person’s ideals. With all the pressure to have the latest and greatest, how do you live a more spiritual life in such a material world?

Think back to when you were a kid, before cell-phones and before facebook. If your household was anything like mine you came home, did your homework, and then you didn’t see your parents again until the street lights came on.

When I think about spirituality I think of what it felt like back then; the feeling of freedom and bliss. I think back to times of running in fields and getting absolutely filthy and loving it! Back then, there was no greater feeling than the wind blowing through my hair as I rode my bike as fast as I could.

To me, spirituality is more of a state of mind than a goal to achieve or a Sunday service. In my opinion, spirituality means being present and unified with the world and lives around me. That is why as a kid it was so easy to be spiritually connected without even realizing it.

As adults, sometimes aiming to live a more spiritual life can feel more like adding another thing to the to-do list.

Some of the most spiritually connected beings on our planet are under 6 years old. Have you ever just sat and watched a child play? They are so present, insanely curious, and so passionate about whatever it is they are doing. Their sense of wonder and adoration for all things living just stops me in my tracks.

Kids are always learning, growing, and exploring. When did that stop for us? Who told us that at some point your curiosity must stop and we’ve learned enough? When did life get so busy that we no longer have the time to stop and notice all of the life around us.

My 2 year old recently told me that a squirrel in our back yard had been busy getting acorns all day so he was going to take a rest. In that moment I realized exactly how present he was, how curious he was, and how much he deeply cared for this squirrel that he didn’t even know. As I took it all in, I realized that I had let a perfect moment slip by me because I was frantically organizing a house that was going to be unorganized within 15 minutes.

Living a more spiritual life isn’t work, it’s actually the opposite. Start exploring again, sit sometimes and think about how big this planet is and how much you still have to learn. Look in the mirror and realize that your inner child is begging to come out and just enjoy the people and planet around you. Reconnect with yourself and reconnect with nature.

Here Are 3 Inspiring Ways To Live A More Spiritual Life In A Material World

Practice Being Present.

Being present can be hard to do as an adult. We have things to do, places to be, and people to see. Even when we get some time to relax we then have the pressures of checking email, social networks, and catching up on the news.

While technology helps us in SO MANY WAYS it also hinders us from being in the present moment.

As adults, we are constantly over-analyzing the past and worrying about the future. We have to remember that we don’t live in either of those places. We live in this moment. We are surrounded by so much life and sometimes that is easy to forget.

Practice being present by getting out in natures and breathing it in! Remember that each blade of grass is living, the trees around you are breathing just as you do, and the Earth your standing on is as much a part of you as you are of it.

When I put myself in this space I am often overwhelmed by how infinite everything is. The birds soaring overhead ignite the explorer within and make me want to be just as free as they are and why shouldn’t I be?

We are a part of this world and we’re meant to experience it not just live the same day over and over again.

I invite you to remember that there is no need to document every move you make but there is a need to be present and revel in it.

Love yourself

Your spiritual connection starts within you, at the base of your soul. Our light extends to touch so many but so many of us can not see our own light. We are conditioned to think that we need outside objects such as clothing, jewels, or the latest and greatest to show that we are beautiful.

Spirit reminds us that the beauty we seek is already within. It is up to us to manifest it outwards. We become much more spiritually connected when we get to know and love who we really are.

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself! It does not make you conceited and helps to live a more spiritual life. Your higher-self loves you unconditionally and wants nothing more than to see you happy and spiritually connected.

When you start to match the love that your higher-self has for you then your vibration will increase. As your vibration increases, you become more spiritually aligned and connected.

Accept and appreciate all experiences

There are no bad experiences and there are no good experiences. There are only experiences which feel good and which feel bad.

Instead of looking at things as happening to you try accepting them for what they are…opportunities to learn and grow. The very moment you take a step back and see that maybe this one “bad” experience is part of the bigger picture something shifts. In that moment you start seeing things from a universal or spiritual perspective. You shift and your vibration starts to match that of the universe!

I invite you to remember that the human experience is such a gift! You get to be here, look around you! No matter how tough life gets…you get to live and breathe on this planet that gives us so many wonderful gifts!

You could be in a wheelchair with only a penny to your name and still appreciate this Earth and all of her gifts. Go ahead and sit at the seashore or find a patch of woods and just breathe it all in!

Remember, you are in charge of your own reality and have the ability to change it at any time! Spirit reminds us that we have the opportunity to manifest anything that we are aligned with vibrationally.

Living a more spiritual based life isn’t meant to be draining or something else that you “have to do” It’s meant to fulfill you!

In the beginning, it can feel like work occasionally because you’re changing your habits and thought patterns. You’re basically rewriting the story you’ve been telling for so long. Just know that once your vibration is aligned with what you are seeking all of life will respond to you with beauty, grace, and ease. Living a more spiritual life is simple, free, and freeing! Be present, be grateful, love yourself, and remember you are here for a reason!

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