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Your Fear Is Blocking Your Manifesting! Turn Fear Into Trust!

Your Fear Is Blocking Your Manifesting! Turn Fear Into Trust!

Do you subconsciously hold yourself back from a beautiful life or amazing experiences because you’re secretly living in fear? Did you know that underneath a lack of trust is often just a fear hiding in the shadows?

Many of us desire specific careers, homes, and relationships but often are deeply afraid of what will happen if we actually go after and get manifest these things.

Sounds crazy, right? How can someone be afraid of manifesting their dreams?

Here are some examples of fears that hold you back from manifesting!

  1. If I make too much money, I will make him feel insecure.

  2. Following my dreams is scary – what if people think I am crazy?

  3. I love fashion and modeling, but people will think I am “too much.”

  4. What if I manifest what I want and something terrible happens to someone else because of it?

These are all stories and fears hidden deeply in the subconscious. We don’t even realize how much they are blocking us or affecting our ability to trust in ourselves and the universe!

In today’s episode, I will teach you how to uncover your hidden fears, work through them, create a new story, and learn to trust that what you desire is meant for you!


Remember, if you want to tap into your intuition, the best way is to learn how your intuitive senses speak to you. I can give you the tools, but I can only take you so far as you’re willing to go! So, if you are ready to really dive in and learn how your intuition subtly and abruptly speaks to you, then it’s time for us to work together!

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