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What’s it like to be Clairaudient? A Day in the Life…

What is it like to be clairaudient? A day in the life of a psychic medium is exciting, fun, and rewarding; sometimes, however there can be a bit of sensory overload. When you’re clairaudient you are easily affected by sounds…even the good ones! For example as I type this I can hear 3 different kinds of birds, crickets, two types of machinery, and of course my own thoughts. We all hear these things daily but we don’t always NOTICE them, that’s where clairaudience comes in.

When you’re clairaudient it’s harder to tune things out especially things with a lower frequency. As a child my stepdad loved to listen to music late at night and it drove me CRAZY! It wasn’t always loud, in fact most of the time it sounded kind of muffled. The thing is, I would tune into it unintentionally and get so upset because I couldn’t sleep. Back then I didn’t know this was clairaudience and I didn’t know how to turn my gifts down. I would often describe the things I was hearing as background noise but to me it was so loud!

Hearing spirit is very similar to hearing “background noise,” you have to be able to block out the other sounds and tune into the muffled or quieter sounds you wouldn’t normally pay attention too! When I was first learning to hone in on my ability to hear spirit, I would try to listen to a song on the radio and separate the background singers or the quietest instrument from the rest of the song. This was a HUGE help in my development as it taught me how to tune into the things I wanted to hear and how to tune out the things I didn’t!

As someone who is extremely clairaudient it is also really hard for me to pay attention to someone who is talking to me while there are other conversations going on in the room. It’s not because I am not interested in what you have to say, it’s because my ears have these giant radar signals that just start gravitating towards any sound that they hear! I tend to get pretty overwhelmed at family events or small parties where everyone is talking at once. Oh and don’t even get me started on the sound of people eating…it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me!

Internally, I hear a lot as well!

Since I can remember I have been talking to “myself,” like full on conversations! I now know that I was talking to a guide or my higher-self most of the time.  Once I realized what I was doing it made it so much easier to hear other spirits as well! I am able to talk to spirit just as I would talk to anyone else; it comes in pretty handy most days!

“Clairaudience sounds like a lot to manage, what’s so great about it?”

It can be a lot to manage but once you get a handle on it and learn how to dial it down, it’s a pretty wonderful and useful gift!

  1. You get great ideas all of the time!

  2.  Your guides love to talk to you! Once you tune into them you will find that one of their favorite things to do it pop in and help you      with ideas or questions you’ve been pondering!

  3. Guidance.                                                                                                                                                     

  4. Oh man, this one has to be my favorite! Sometimes I just sit and have a conversation with my guides. We talk about family, life, and what’s going on around me. Clairaudience gives me the ability to tune in and connect with my spirit team all day every day!

  5. Conversations with those in spirit!

  6. I love to do readings for other people and I do this by having a conversation with their guides, loved ones, and their higher-self. When I give a reading I use a combination of all of the clairs to relay spirit’s message. When it’s my loved one however, it’s easiest to just talk to them! I love driving down the road and hearing my grandmother pop in and say “Hey baby!” with her infectious laugh, it sends light straight to my heart!

So while clairaudience may seem a little overwhelming, don’t let the intensity of the noises scare you away! Learn to manage your gifts and dial them down, once you do this you will be able to easily talk to spirit just like you would talk to your bestfriend!

There you have it folks, what it’s like to be clairaudient!

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