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What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration?

In the beginning of this journey I heard over and over again “you must raise your vibration.” What does raising your vibration actually mean? Sure we’ve all heard the term Bi*ch don’t kill my vibe!” and by this we mean don’t bring me down, don’t take me out of my good mood! Well here’s the thing, once you’re in a higher vibration it’s harder for someone to “kill your vibe.”

You do in fact have to raise your vibration to work with spirit but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in this lala land of being completely happy and positive all of the time. Though that would be ideal!

Let’s face it we are human and we constantly experience a variety of emotions. Up’s, down’s, and in-betweens, we are SUPPOSED to feel our feelings. It is okay to feel sad, mad, angry, or whatever the emotion is. Once you raise your vibration it is easier to feel those emotions and then let them flow through you instead of getting stuck like they have a tendency to do.

Raising your vibration isn’t all about being in a good mood…it’s actually about changing your frequency to match that of the universe. When we begin to match with the universe that’s when the magic happens!

Science, vibration, and frequency.

Let’s use water as an example; water can exist in three forms. Solid, liquid, and gas.

When you freeze water the molecules slow down and the water turns to ice. Ice is cold, hard, and dense…ice just sits there.

Water in its liquid form is free flowing and fluid. The molecules are faster than as if it were frozen thus its vibration is higher.

When we boil water and it turns to steam or gas…those molecules are vibrating at a frequency so high we can hardly see the water anymore, if at all. The steam has the ability to rise and move about as it wishes…same thing when you raise your vibration!

Also think about this…the frequency or vibration of water in its gaseous form is almost invisible, yet we can feel it…we know it’s there. Same thing with spirit!

Low vibration VS. High vibration

Living in a low vibration doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that something is wrong with you. It’s just where you are right now and you have the ability to change that at any time. If you are living in a low vibration you may experience the following.

  1. A “why me?” attitude

  2. You tend to get upset or angry very easily

  3. It’s always one thing after another…you just can’t catch a break

  4. Negative people seem to flock to you like a bug to a lightbulb

  5. “Life sucks and then you die” is your mantra

When you’re in a high vibration, sh*t still happens but it’s less often and it’s usually easier for you to deal with. Living in a high vibration is so freeing and so peaceful! Here’s what happens when you’re living in a high vibration

  1. You start attracting like minded people

  2. Life just flows, you don’t know how or why but it’s so much easier!

  3. GOOD things happen one after the other

  4. When something bad happens it is easier to see it from all angles. You can start seeing situations as happening FOR you instead of TO you.

  5. You’re just generally a happier, healthier, and nicer person!

  6. Oh and the best one…it’s much easier to connect with those in the light…ya know spirit?

“But Ashley, my entire life has been bad and I’m unhealthy and I just don’t think it’s possible for me to live in a high vibration.”

Even more the reason to start doing so my friend!

Here’s how to start raising your vibe!

  1. Stop surrounding yourself with negativity; this is a big one and the hardest for many. The news, negative people on social media, gossiping friends, uh buh bye! I’m serious! If you truly want to commit to living in a higher vibration you have to surround yourself with positivity or at the very least cut out the negative!

  2. Start a workout routine! “I have three kids and a full time job, I don’t have the time!” Look, suck it up buttercup! I run a business; have a husband who works 24 hours, and a toddler. I hate mornings but I get up early every day and workout in my office before everyone else gets up! Working out releases endorphins thus making you happy! If you have health issues or back issues try some gentle yoga. Just get that body movin’!

  3. Meditate. Even if it’s for 5-10 minutes a day just give yourself time to venture inward. Get to know yourself, relax! Step away from the screen for a few minutes!

  4. Gratitude!!! This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to raise your vibration…and hey it could even be done while you meditate! Start being grateful for what you DO have instead of focusing on what you don’t!

  5. Make it simple, think of 5 things you have to be grateful for right now! Can’t think of any? Well you are reading this so…you can obviously see, you’re alive to see another day, you have internet access, someone somewhere loves you, today is another chance to start fresh!

  6. They can be as small as “I am thankful I had breakfast this morning!” The point is to just get into that attitude of gratitude, ya dig?

  7. Love! Learn to love yourself and send love to those you “hate.” Love is a sure fire way to raise your vibe!

  8. Affirmations, they are so powerful! They feel so silly at times but they work! “I am smart, I am beautiful, I am abundant, I am thankful, I am healthy.” Say daily affirmations and watch your entire world change!

Living in a high vibration doesn’t guarantee there will be no bad days and it doesn’t guarantee a constant state of bliss. Recently I was feeling kind of stagnant; not bleh but not super joyful either. Here’s the thing, since I know what it’s like to live in a high vibration it’s easy to tell when I am slipping! So what did I do? Everything I just listed above, talked to my guides, and I woke up feelin’ like a million bucks…because I AM worth it!

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