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The First Time I Used a Pendulum

This weekend I was relaxing on the couch with the hubby; Baby-boo was napping, it was just your casual chilly and cold Saturday afternoon. I had planned to just catch up on our shows, snuggle with the dogs, and just chillllllll. Basically I wasn’t up for anything that took any amount of energy.

I am a mom, a wife, and a medium…unless I’m sleeping someone someone usually asks for my energy or attention in some way. So as I sit there enjoying the latest episode of Impractical Jokers I see a blue flash out of the corner of my eye! Knowing this was some kind of “light spirit” I smiled and mentally said “thank you for showing yourself to me” and continued to watch t.v. Not even 30 seconds later it happened again and I felt a tingle on my arm; again I smiled and acknowledged it, but rather than connecting I decided to take full advantage of a rare opportunity to nap!

As I was preparing to get super comfy and drift off into 45 minutes of dreamland, a little voice in my head told me to use my necklace as a pendulum….Now before I go any farther I want to mention that I have steered away from pendulums and Ouija Boards up until this point. The necklace I used is a piece of wrapped Citrine that I wear almost daily; I’ve “heard” to use it as a pendulum before but I wasn’t ready. I don’t like the idea of talking to a spirit and not knowing who you’re talking too. This is why I have told my 16 year old sister MULTIPLE times not to play with her friend’s pendulum because this isn’t some type of game!  (She was the first one I told about my experience of course….)

I grabbed the necklace, held it up, and expected nothing to happen….

I said out loud, “Is there a spirit here?” ….IT STARTED TO FREAKING MOVE!! I was shocked!!

I stopped it from moving and thought, “hmm well, maybe I did that on accident…” so I decided to try something a little different.

“Move the pendulum right for “yes” and left for “no””

I am super SUPER serious about only dealing with light spirits so I tried to see if I could connect to the light I saw….first thing I heard was my grandfather’s name. I’ve said it in many articles, when it comes to my grandparents I am always afraid it’s wishful thinking. After countless encounters however, I am starting to realize my grandfather is one of my main visitor’s. Here’s how I knew it was him.

I asked. It moved to the right for YES. I asked silly questions that only he or my grandmother would know the answer’s too and the pendulum moved in the correct direction each time. I asked vague questions that were a little more than a yes or no and it didn’t move. I could actually feel the energy moving the chain and it was just SO INCREDIBLE.  Obviously I am still pretty pumped about it and I will definitely be trying again very soon.

This was an amazing experience but like I said before it’s not a game and I think I waited until the right time for me to give it a try. I believe that the media has portrayed spirits, mediumship, and connecting as something dark and taboo and for the most part they are wrong. However, I strongly encourage everyone to play it safe and please please do not treat this as a game. Connecting to spirit is a beautiful and wonderful thing but it isn’t meant to be taken lightly.

Just think of it this way, would you invite someone off the street in to your home? Would you give them a key having never talked to or gotten to know them? You’d want to find out what they are like, and trust them before you bring them into your home. It’s the same deal here.

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