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What is Self-Evolution?

Self-evolution is allowing yourself, your life, and your soul to simultaneously evolve to your next level. How do you do this? By making one conscious decision at a time! 

Self-evolution is something I’ve spoken about for quite some time. Still, recently I realized I’ve never told you exactly what it means to me. To me, it is a journey home, and a journey upward. Self-evolution is also the journey of becoming and while also releasing. I realized a long time ago that the process of becoming one’s best version is never-ending. Unfortunately, you don’t just wake up one morning as your best self with everything you ever wanted at your fingertips. 

Self-evolution is the real process of consistently and consciously moving towards your next level of you. 

It’s one decision at a time, one thought at a time, and one slip up at a time. It is one moment of learning at a time. Self-evolution is what you came here for! It is your destiny and what you were created to do. You were born to grow, to learn, to unfold, and to remember. That process never stops, and when it does, we can begin to feel like we have nothing going for us. 

The ego-self perpetuates lies to hold you in place and convince you that there is nothing more available to you than what you currently have. The ego can get SO loud, so so loud that it takes over, and the idea of self-evolution seems like nothing more than a fairy tale. 

You can believe the ego’s lies, and if you do, they will become your truth. The better choice is to ask yourself “what if” and then allow the possibility of a better reality to unfold for you. 

Here is my personal journey with self-evolution. Maybe you can relate?

I am the daughter of two ’80s bred teenage kids. My parents met at 14, had me at 18, and split up shortly after. My father had an issue with drugs and alcohol, and my mom always seemed to be getting through though I knew she did her best. My grandparents were my saviors, my second set of parents, and my best friend’s. My mom married an alcoholic, and my home was always filled with negativity, fighting, and generally low vibes. 

I have 5 amazing siblings between my two families, who are all my favorite people today. I always say they are the best things to come out of all the chaos.

My littlest sisters are 10 and 11 years my junior. My mom worked nights, so as you can imagine, I spent many of my teenage days taking care of them, cleaning the house, missing parties, etc. Now, however, I appreciate it because I see that I wouldn’t be who I am today without those experiences, and every person I was raised around. That said, as a teenager, I couldn’t see that. I started showing significant signs of depression around age 10. By age 14, I had become so deep in the dark that on multiple occasions, I considered taking my own life. 

Now that I work with spirit, I understand that during those times of self-harm, I created a massive distrust within myself. 

There was no self-acceptance, no self-love, and I always wanted to run away….from myself and my situation. Until I did the self-work, I had a massively wounded inner child and a non-existent relationship with the higher self. 

Perhaps you can relate to some parts of my story? Have you ever had feelings of wanting to escape yourself or being disapproving of who you are or how you look? Here’s a secret, You can self-evolve. 

At 18, I moved back in with my grandparents which helped ease my depression a bit. There wasn’t so much yelling, but my grandmother was very sick at the time. Though she was my best friend, she had become so ill that her personality had changed. I had been helping to take care of her for the past few years, but it got more intense living there. On occasion, I would hear her crying out to God, asking him to take her. It was heart-wrenching. 

A few months later, I moved in with a friend and got my first apartment…she bailed two months into the lease. After that, I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband), and things generally got better and better for me. I was evolving with each step I took. 

Self-evolution is inevitable, but the ego will try to keep you stuck. You’ve got to decide how you want to live your life!

All of the messiness, the fighting, the tears, and the substance abuse was a gift. It taught me what I didn’t want how I didn’t want to live and pushed me to do better. I am grateful for every moment of my past.

At 18, I had a salaried job working right under the owner of the company. Three years later, I left that job and worked for another CEO as her personal assistant and office manager. About a year had passed then I went to work for a major shipbuilding company.  I am telling you all of this because I evolved, but each year I had setbacks. Instead of honoring how far I had come, I would slip back into that depression because it was never actually healed. 

A moment came where I decided once again that my life had to change. I couldn’t live like that anymore, and I decided to evolve. To be honest, I had had enough of my own bulls*it and was ready to rewrite my own story.  Deep within, I wanted to be one of those happy people. I decided to be one of those people that wasn’t always worried about money, bills, or buying groceries. I also wanted to be a happy mom and set a good example for my kids about self-worth and what a relationship could look like filled with love. 

I decided to be that girl, and that is who I became and aim to evolve deeper and deeper into every day.  One decision changed my life, but one conscious thought and action at a time got me to where I am now and will take me to where I want to go. 

Self-evolution is a process of unfolding, transforming, molting, and becoming. Then it’s the process of doing it all over again. 

You’re never done! Don’t you see? You can’t be done growing, you can’t be done learning, you can’t be done having experiences and receiving universal lessons! It’s inevitable. What you can do, however, is choose to grow in the direction and areas you want. You can learn in the areas you chose instead of the areas where you have unresolved patterns and traumas. Experiences and lessons can be seen in the moment. Challenge can be exciting and help you get to your next level. 

 It’s all about the conscious choice of self-evolution one day, one thought, one action at a time. 

Self-evolution started for me when I was depressed, living less than paycheck to paycheck, and my relationships were chaos.

Here is what self-evolution looks like right now:

  1. being my best version in any given moment

  2. acting as a light for others

  3. having my work being of high service

  4. feeling good

  5. allowing money to flow to me and through me

  6. allowing abundance to find me

  7.  being my best version for my kids

Right now, self-evolution looks like not worrying about what my next level is. Instead, it’s asking myself how good it will feel to be at my next level and then allowing the universe to work the rest out. 

Here is what I am saying to you; I went from miserable to actually fucking happy. I am truly happy most days of the week and most moments of the day. Bills, abundance, groceries; they are no longer an issue. All are comfortably and easily paid for because I shifted my focus, perception, and stories about my relationship to money. All of which were preprogrammed from childhood! 

Self-evolution made me look deep into my own stories, traumas, and patterns to heal and shift them. 

My journey wasn’t an easy one; there was a fuck-ton of work involved, but it was worth it and continues to be worth it every single day. 

On off days I now:

  1. Slow down instead of trying to battle a wave. 

  2. I feel my emotions and let them work for me.

  3. I see things for what is presented to me and say to myself, “isn’t that interesting, what might I be missing that is calling this to me?” 

I look at what is being given to be a question if it’s a lesson, a story, my own vibration?

Self-evolution has evolved every aspect of my being, including my thinking process and my perception. It had changed how much love I give and allow myself to receive. Self-evolution and self-work even changed my happiness and financial situation. 

Self-evolution is all of the things; it’s not one thing. 

It’s digging deep, looking in the mirror, being real, picking a destination, and allowing spirit to lead you there. It’s a combination of inspirited action and surrender. Self-evolution is everything it’s time to put yourself on the fast track to where you want to go. 

Make the decision to no longer being available to darkness, lack, or to feel less than. Make the decision to level up! Decide to unfold, to finally heal, and to live a more fulfilling life whatever that means to you!

Let’s dig deep, work with your guides, and get you on the right path to self-evolution! I’ve created a group training with courses and bonuses to support you in this work and on this journey. Join us in this in-depth healing series, which includes one personalized coaching call, access to two courses to support this journey, and more. Together we will heal and elevate and watch your life change! 

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