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ONE and THREE Question Email Readings Available NOW!



In a full session with me I give you the option to ask up to three questions and I then I just let spirit do the talking. Generally you can expect to hear from at least one guide, a deceased loved one, and usually there are also a few other spirits present. It’s the chance for your team to finally connect with you and usually they give tons and tons of guidance, information, and advice.

Sometimes though, you don’t need or want all of that advice or maybe you just aren’t ready to hear from all of those spirits at once. That’s totally okay, I got you!

For those of you who just want short, sweet, and to the point; I am now offering a new service!


This service is designed to specifically focus on a situation, question, or concern that is on your mind now. It’s pretty simple really, you email me your questions, I connect with spirit, and I type them up and email them to you in a PDF within 5 business days.

No phone calls, no coordinating your schedule, no having to shut the house down and make everyone be silent for an hour. Just your questions answered by spirit, sent directly to you for you to review as many times as you’d like!

Need examples of questions you can ask? Here are a few….

  1. What guidance is most important for me to hear now?

  2. Does my deceased father ever try to connect with me?

  3. Did I make the right choice’s regarding my mother’s estate? 

  4. How can I grow/open up my intuitive abilities? 

  5. Someone keeps trying to contact me, who is it?

These are all examples of questions I have had in the past but they are solely to give you an idea. Feel free to come up with your own, spirit is waiting to answer them!

In addition to this new service, remember to be on the lookout for something HUGE in JULY….!!!

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