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My Favorite Blogs, Podcasts, and Books!

When I realized I could connect to spirit I told my bestfriend and her response was “Dude, I think that’s super cool but you need to be safe about this. You need to meet people like you and take classes and read up so you can do this as safely as possible.” She was totally right so I went on a frenzy trying to cram as much material as I could into my brain as if I was going to have a test on it. I was reading and gaining knowledge but I wasn’t feeling and experiencing, so I was only doing half the work.

Podcasts and Blogs

As I mentioned in my last post I use the Law of Attraction and so I started looking for a podcast to help with that.I found Law Of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels Johnson and instantly fell in love! Jewels is so bright and happy and has THE BEST energy! She has taught me so much and helped me manifest so much…she ROCKS!

Next I needed help with my abilities and I stumbled upon The Circle this podcast is ahhhhhhmazing! It is two sisters with intuitive abilities who actually teach you how to develop your own abilities and how to do it safely. They give you the tools and techniques and the best part is they are REAL. The don’t BS you and it doesn’t sound like a bunch of “woo woo.” They also each have their own websites with tons of articles and classes and books to help you. These two girls have changed my life for the better….seriously I’m a total fangirl of theirs! Amanda Linette Meder is a Medium like me and Sarah Petruno is a Shaman! Click here to visit Sarah Petruno Shamanism.

Another awesome podcast is Psychic Teachers lead by Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey. They are also super great gal’s and are great intuitive teachers! I just had a reading from Samantha last week and she was AWESOME! I felt like I was talking to a friend and she picked up on so much…including the name of one of my guides that I had already met!

I just started listening to The Lighter Side Podcast with Jamie Butler and so far I love it. She is so down to earth when she talks about this stuff it’s like listening to a friend…you actually feel like you are there as part of the show! The Konnected Kids episode is awesome especially if you have a connected kid like I do. My son is super empathic and I loved getting some insight on how to handle his gift!


I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE fan of Dolores Cannon, she was a hypnotherapist who focused on past life regression. Her books record the sessions and the clients talk about past lives, the universe, and even alien beings. This may seem a little far fetched…I admit I was skeptical at first but if you only read one of her books please read The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth! This book helped me so much…it confirmed things I had felt and known deep inside for years. It helped me make sense of this thing we call life and I can’t rave about it enough. GO GET IT NOWWWWW!

In my post Well Spirit, you’ve got my attention! I talk about a book called The Laws of Spirit it’s a short and quick read and very enlightening. The weird thing about this book is as I read a chapter it seemed to align with what was going on in my life at that time. Kind of weird how that happened but totally awesome. I keep this book on hand as a reference and a reminder that life is really pretty simple.

Next, we have May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein, this is a self-help book based off of A Course in Miracles. (I will be starting The Course soon!) Gabby’s book helps you to release fear and doubt and shift your perception to love causing miracles. It is broken down to one lesson per day…be prepared to journal and know that you will be pulling up some feelings that you may have shoved away. It’s kind of challenging, especially in the beginning but it will really change your life for the better!


The Secret is also about switching your perception to realize that what we think we attract. It is based on the Law of Attraction and is even backed by science. This is what made me realize that the universe is on our side. This movie lead me into daily affirmations, vision boards, and meditation. I am where I am today because of watching this movie. A bonus ….it’s on Netflix AND Youtube!

Awake is a documentary about a guy who woke up in his adult life and just started seeing spirits and aura’s out of nowhere. He is pretty scared and starts to find people, places, classes, and even doctors to help him. The cool thing about this is that it can appeal to non-believers because HE was a non-believer even as this was happening to him. Check it out on Netflix!

If you have any suggestions for me I am always looking for a new book, movie, or learning material. I’d love to hear from my readers! Have a great day y’all!

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