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Self Discipline An Act Of Love. Episode 24

Self Discipline An Act Of Love.

Happy Monday! You know that I typically don’t send out many emails per week, I don’t like my inbox being flooded, and I don’t want to flood you yours either! So, just know that if I’m sending you more emails than usual, it’s for an extra special reason!

As you know, the intuitive Boot Camp registration closes on May 27, which leaves about FOUR days left to sign up. This Boot Camp will help you not only enhance your intuition and spiritual practice but reconnect you to yourself and your inner happiness.

Intuition isn’t about just speaking to spirit – though I do teach you to do that too – it’s more about aligning with who you are at your soul. It’s about connecting with your soul‘s purpose, seeing the light in other people, and remembering that you have a light within you!

We often have a hard time seeing this within ourselves, and we often have a hard time saying I love you to ourselves or believing the affirmations that we say in the mirror.

Through Intuitive Boot Camp, you will learn why it is so important to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and how to develop a relationship with your higher self, as it will help serve you in all areas of life!

Last week on the podcast, I asked the audience what I could help with, and synchronistically this is the exact subject that came up! Trusting yourself, your intuition, how to work with the higher self, and more! We even go into self-discipline and how it connects directly to basically everything in your life! (Not the way you might think!)

I really hope you take the opportunity to jump into this Boot Camp with us because it’s going to serve you and expand so many more areas of your life than you can even comprehend right now.

This Boot Camp is what you’ve been searching for! I don’t know when I’ll offer it again; it could be years. Seriously babe, don’t sleep on this one! You want in, and you won’t regret it, trust me.

And remember, if you can’t join live, I do record all sessions for you to watch again and again, and if you can’t join live but have a question, you can always submit it to me via email, and it will be answered in class! See you on the 31st!

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