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Light Love and Spirit’s Guest Appearance on Positive Head Podcast!

Synchronicity, let’s talk about it for a second shall we? Sometimes it can be disguised as a coincidence or sometimes it is just right there in your face! When you raise your vibration and you become aware of the things happening around you, you start to see how things are lining up…or synchronizing!

You may start to see repeated words, signs, colors, or numbers…these are all signs from the universe that you are on the right path! Sometimes it honestly feels like a treasure hunt! Once you find two synchronicities you want more and then you begin to wonder what are these synchronicities leading up too? Where are they taking you…what is the next step?

A while back my friend told me about The Positive Head podcast and I instantly fell in love, it totally aligned with the things I had been teaching for the past year. The entire podcast is about living a positive life, being aware, being awake, and finding and then following your path. Sometimes they discuss being vulnerable and how truly beautiful that can be, I know this to be true first hand! It seems that no matter which episode I am listening too it aligns with my current situation!

After really being moved by one of the episodes I decided to write in and tell the hosts of the show how much I appreciated them and what they do; I never expected what would happen next! Brandon Beachum, the host of the show wrote me back and we somehow got on the topic of our hometown’s…it turns out we are from the same hometown! Though he currently lives on the West Coast and I on the East, we somehow made the connection! We even went to the same schools!

I was so moved by the connection and synchronicities that when Brandon asked me to give his brother a reading I was absolutely honored to do so! The reading went extremely well; I connected Ryan to his grandmother and ex-girlfriend who had taken her own life. All Ryan gave me was the names of the people he wanted to connect with and no further information. When I identified the two spirits I think he was a little shocked, especially by the information the ex-girlfriend was providing me. As I have mentioned before, with suicide or overdose often times the spirit will get “stuck” and will need a little help in the transition, so we helped her.

Brandon listened in on the reading and at the end of the call I told them how to ask for a sign and I told them they could expect to receive one within a week…

We received a sign alight and it was almost instantaneous!

I had the privilege to talk with Brandon live on The Positive Head Podcast where we talked about the sign received, his brothers reading, and even more synchronicities that showed up during the interview!

Love, Light, and Positivity!


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For today’s episode Brandon invites podcast listener and psychic medium Ashley Strong, with whom he shares some synchronistic connections; Ashley relates the fascinating details of her story that led her to discover her gift, and they discuss the startling revelations that Ashley conveyed when she did a psychic reading for Brandon and his brother

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