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How To Find My Perfect Career

Sometimes I look at my life, and I laugh because it looks nothing like I had planned – career-wise anyway. I thought that I would work in some artsy office, creating and designing marketing material for some trendy-green company. Honestly, these were goals back in the day. One of the top questions I get asked is, “how can I find my purpose? How can I find a job that I actually enjoy?”

When this comes up during a mediumship reading the answer is always unique to the individual. It depends on the path, mindset, energy, and the person’s divine skillset, so in an article, I can’t answer this question for you personally. What I can do, however, is to be open and honest about the “perfect career.” Does it really exist?

As I type this article my toes are in the stand, I am staring at the ocean, and I am trying to block out the song “thank god I am a country boy” from the boat parked in front of me. Life is pretty amazing from where I am sitting right now, but it’s also a sunny Wednesday afternoon; it doesn’t always look like this.

I have a fantastic career that I am eternally grateful for every single day. I have been given the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world. I have made lasting connections with people that I have never actually met in person. Plus, daily I GET to facilitate spiritual connections for people to help them heal their most deep-seated wounds.

Just yesterday I did a reading where a mother’s deceased son came through at the exact age he would have been. Her son told me how he passed; he told his mother how he had felt when he passed, his reason for leaving, and how he connects with her. The mother was weeping on the other end of the phone, and through a cracked voice, she thanked me because she needed that healing. She had been carrying a weight around for eight years and never spoke of it – not even to me until after he stepped forward. These connections and healings, they are humbling, and it is a precious gift that I get to be the translator for these messages. I will never take it for granted.

I also get to coach people on their businesses and help them with relationships. The most rewarding of all, though, is helping people to transform their own lives until they actually see and love themselves for who they are. Sometimes for the first time ever.

I get to design graphics, and I get to write. I get to have a creative outlet, something my soul desperately needs to feel grounded. My “Job” has everything my soul needs to live a fulfilled life.

It would appear that I have the most fantastic job on God’s Green Earth, and I agree. The thing is friends; it is still a job, a career, and like all others comes with its own set of challenges.

Running a blog is no joke! Did you know that on average, a blogger takes close to three hours to write an article beginning to end? Writing, editing, scheduling, graphics, SEO, posting on social. All of those aspects go into one article.

A reading on average is close to two hours when you factor in prep, session, closing, and followup. Coaching and other sessions are around the same. It’s not just time, though; it’s energy. Think about it this way when someone is connecting for you; they are flexing the same muscle for an hour at a time. Multiply that by 3 or 4 sessions per day and the emotional connections that come along with it, and it can be so exhausting. Exhausting but also exhilarating.

The heaviness of the emotions and the energy it takes is why I sometimes question this path…this “perfect path” is it for me? Can I really use this much energy for the rest of my working years? Can I write, create, connect, and help people for that long? Can I run a website, work through backend issues, and teach myself to be my own tech person?

Yes, yes, I can! I have found the perfect career and the most rewarding life I could ever live!

I can continue this for the rest of my years because I love it. I couldn’t trade it for anything else if I wanted. My career is perfect for me, and it was created just for me.

I may be the face of this blog, but spirit is the CEO.

Spirit sends me the beautiful connections, and they bring the messages through. The Universe teaches me every single day how to be my best version through the “work” that I am blessed to do.

I found my perfect career by permitting myself to be who I was with no apologies. I was lead down this path by following the subtle signs and allowing myself to be lead. This “career” came to me, and honestly, I fought against it for a very long time.

I am blessed because my purpose and career are one. It can happen for you too! When you permit yourself to be you, and you chose you and your highest good above all else you are led to exactly where you need to be.

Just start. Be vulnerable, be real; start the hobby project you’ve been putting off. Ask for signs and then actually be open to receiving them. The life I am living doesn’t look much like the life I had planned, and oh man am I so grateful for that. You can have this too a life you absolutely love that teaches you and pushes you every day.

Let’s chat! I want to help you find your purpose and your path to YOUR perfect career. Schedule your session here. I promise you won’t regret it!

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