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How To Enjoy And Uncomplicate Your Life!

How To Enjoy And Uncomplicate Your Life!

How do we begin to enjoy and honestly uncomplicate this thing we call life? Life is actually a lot more simple, and fluid than humans like to make it. We complicate things! Humans can put so much value on objects that don’t matter, thinking those objects will bring joy and fulfillment. We even create scenarios that will ultimately never happen. If they do, we focus more on the problem than the solution. How can we stop the cycle? How can we begin to enjoy life again as we did as children?

We must learn to love who we are to love and enjoy our lives.

When you were born, you embodied love and knew nothing but love. You trusted all who held you and completely surrendered into their arms; you physically could do no different. Eventually, we all were conditioned out of the unwavering loving parts of ourselves. We had beliefs put upon us that told us how we should feel about others and how we should feel about ourselves.

Outside sources and our environment likely took us out of alignment with unconditional love.

To enjoy life, you must enjoy yourself first. True happiness comes from within, and to cultivate this, you must learn to drop all judgment and embrace complete acceptance for yourself and others.

If you want to journey back to who you are at your core, you have to drop limiting beliefs about yourself, your path, and the life you thought you should have had. You must shed layers and be honest with yourself. It’s important to look at your life from a higher perspective and find gratitude for what those experiences taught you instead of allowing them to hold you in fear and lack. The best way to do this is in conjunction with the higher self.

  1. Meditate

  2. Pray,

  3. Ask the universe for help.

  4. Ask to see yourself, others, and situations through the eyes of your higher self – through a lens of love. Living through love is how we connect with ourselves and thus begin to enjoy our lives.

Below is a channeled message from spirit about enjoying and uncomplicating life, thus returning to love.

We remind you to stay away from judgment and remember that as you judge another for their behavior, you are inherently judging yourself! You are whispering to yourself that you are better than or that they are better than you.

Self-comparison is a complete illusion as you can not see through the eyes of the person that has it all – you do not live their life. Just as you yourself do not see your light the way others do, how can you compare yourself when you don’t truly see yourself?

Spiritually speaking, all is connected, and everything is energy – it is all a spiderweb effect. Energy and the trail of connection never stops. One smile can heal someone’s day just as much as a mean glare can break it.Judging takes you out of alignment with the Source that you are. Comparison and worry are false illusions used as tricks by the ego to keep your feet firmly planted or to shrink you back to safety.

We tell you this, to truly love your life, you must embrace it! Embrace this life as a gift and don’t hate it or give up on it embrace it!

So you were given a bag of stones, but you wanted a bag of money? Advice, sell the rocks, or build a garden – grow your own abundance. Your body type is not as you imagined it? We tell you this; someone somewhere thinks you’re the most beautiful creature they have ever seen.

Embrace all of you. Embrace your quirks and personality and apologize for nothing in regards to who you are!

Newer technology, faster cars, and bigger homes bring momentary happiness until you have become accustomed to them and want the next best thing. Embrace what you have, and love who you are! This is the secret to life; the more you love and the more thanks you give the more you will be provided, and the more love you shall receive!

Embrace your heart and your light to enjoy and uncomplicate life!

Say this to yourself:“I embrace the light within me, and I embrace the light within others. I accept myself on my path, I am willing to do and give my best. I accept others on their path and see that they are doing the best with where they are at. We are all in this together. Each one of us is here to grow as a soul and help our planet, even if it’s not evident to me. I forgive myself I forgive others, and I embrace all light within – I am complete.”

This prayer – this mantra should be spoken each morning night and in situations of discomfort! We will guide you and see you through! If you get on a path of acceptance and flow, all things will happen easily for you.

Remember embrace – embrace – explore and appreciate! This is how you uncomplicate life and see through a new and more beautiful lens – a lens of love!

If you’ve enjoyed this post and are ready to embrace your life and finally LOVE who you are and the life you live work with me! Pick your best learning style or combine them together!

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