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Getting Rid of the Negative!

Well hellooooooo there class, today’s lesson will be on cleansing the home. No I am not going to tell you how to dust or clean your toilets…which speaking of my house could use a good ol’ scrubbin’. I am going to tell you how to cleanse your home of negative and unwanted energy.

First some tips on keeping negative energy out!

As I mentioned in a previous article you can use bay leaves above doors and windows for protection, this is more to keep negative energy out. You could also try this with rosemary, lavender, and sage. You can plant these herbs around the home to keep negative energy away. I was so excited to see a HUGE overgrown rosemary bush on the side of my house when we finally started working on the yard. The vibes in the house already felt wonderful but when I saw that I started jumping for joy…really jumping and my husband was like “dear God who did I marry?”

I have started collecting wind-chimes; sound promotes good energy and is said to attract angels.  I keep crystals in pretty much every room of my home (I will write an entire article on crystals soon!) you can even make a crystal grid around your home for protection.

Himalayan salt lamps are a new trend that I fully support; not only do they have scientifically proven health benefits, they are great for diminishing negative energy. I keep a big one right in the entryway of my house!

Of course essential oils give a relaxing feel which helps calm people’s nerves, thus promoting positive energy. This is something I am just starting to dabble in so if you have any words of advice on oils for positive vibes and relaxation I’d love to hear it!

Now that I have briefly explained how to help keep negative energy out, here is how to cleanse it once it’s made it’s filthy little way in!

The #1 space cleansing tool in my book is SAGE; the act of cleansing the home or energy with sage is called smudging. Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used world wide in all different kinds of cultures and religions. I was surprised when I visited a local Catholic church to find them burning frankincense and sage! The process or ritual is usually unique to the individual but with the research I have done it seems to carry the same basic principal across the board….to get rid of negative energy.

Types of Negative Energy

  1. A negative person or someone who is in a bad mood can fill your space with negative energy

  2. A lower vibrational spirit

  3. Residual energy, this is like just stale stagnant energy. Not good or bad just kind of stale. For example there were a lot of layoffs at a local business this year and the entire property just feels stale and has very low vibrations to me. I choose not to tune in but my best guess is it is from the anger and sadness of the people who were let go.

  4. Your own negative energy. That’s right, you can leave negative energy too. Do you ever come home in a terrible mood and quickly it effects everyone around you? That’s projecting negative energy without even realizing it!

Cleansing your space

Cleansing the home allows for positive energy to stay and negative to go, but intention is key. You want to make it clear who has to go and who can stay. I mean, you don’t want to be sending away your sweet little Aunt Ruby who’s been watching over the kids do ya? No! You can make up your own prayer, use one that you already know, or just say words that resonate with you, but be clear and to the point!

This is the one I usually say

How to cleanse 

  1. Open a back door or window.

  2. Light your smudge stick or loose sage on an incense burner

  3. Start at the front door and make your way around the house in a clockwise direction and counter clockwise around each room. Saying the prayer throughout.

  4. Be sure to get every closet and corner. If Hubby has had a super stressful week at work or Baby-boo has been extra fussy I like to spend a little more time in their favorite areas.

  5. Keep going until you get to the back door and then don’t forget about yourself. I like to finish with swirling the sage around my body to cleanse myself. I always feel so refreshed afterwards.

  6. Say thank you to the universe and send all negativity away with love and you’re done!

I usually cleanse my home about once a month or after we have been sick, moody, or things just feel off.  I also like to burn incense and sage during readings to keep up a good vibe.

one more thing…

Frankincense is a great incense to burn to repel negativity and cleanse the home as well. I don’t use this as often because it’s very strong but if you’re have an issue with a particularly negative energy go ahead and burn some. It will surely help!

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With love y’all,


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