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Conscious Living, What does it mean to live a conscious life?

What does it mean to live a conscious life?

Living a conscious life means that you are continually checking in on your vibration, your thoughts, and embodying a self-awareness like never before. It sounds like a lot of work, right? Why would we want to be conscious of our every move, thought, and action? What are the benefits of living an intentional life?

Living a conscious life allows you to embody a sense bliss daily vs. momentarily. If you choose to live a conscious life you will be living your best life, and who doesn’t want that?

It all starts with self-awareness!

What thoughts are you thinking? Are you being response-able for your reactions? Where is your vibration and how aligned are you with your highest-self? All of these questions help you to check in throughout the day and develop a stronger relationship with yourself.

You see, the stronger your relationship with yourself, the stronger and better your external relationships will be. This is how we begin to create a conscious life!

When we love ourselves, we will choose friendships, partners, and interactions that align with our vibration, and that serve us. When we do not know or love ourselves, we have a tendency to gravitate towards what keeps us stuck or even pulls us down. If we do not know who we are or what fills us up, we may navigate towards more karmic relationships and negative influences in the hopes of finding ourselves.

This bond also helps you to set healthy boundaries for yourself and those around you. When you become mindful of what serves you, and you lovingly declare within what you are and are not willing to accept in your life and reality things shift, and people respond to the energy you’re putting out.

The best way to develop this connection is through self-awareness, and through self-awareness, we can begin to design a life we love. This is mindful and conscious living!

How to begin living a conscious life

Develop A relationship with the higher self

Cultivating this bond with yourself allows you to live a life you never imagined. When we align with our higher selves, we instantly raise our vibration. This rise in frequency my friends is when the “miracles” start to show up. We begin to see synchronicities and can be “magically” lead to the right people with the right connections, and so on.

Check in with your thoughts.

Are you seeing things through the eyes of the higher self or the ego? In other words, are you open to seeing the bigger picture and lessons or what you believe is right in front of you?

It’s easy to focus on pain and negativity because they are such strong emotions. In living a conscious life, we must train ourselves to see the positive in every situation. We must reprogram our minds to understand the lessons instead of the setbacks.

Are you being response-able for your reactions?

How often are you allowing others to affect your mood? When someone challenges you are you taking it as an opportunity to grow your mindset or to lash out? When we pause and take a deep breath and ask our higher selves to show up, we tend to shift into a response-able moment instead of merely reacting out of a less serving emotion.

Responding through a lens of love allows all involved to grow. Reacting from a place of fear or lack only keeps us stuck.

What do you want life to look like?

We have a tendency to think the cards the universe (or our family) deals us are the cards we must play. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Us humans have untapped potential and the gift of free will, which means we can make anything happen!

Take a look around you, what have you prayed for that is now in your current reality?

We must place our order to the universe by being clear with the TYPE of life and feelings we want to experience. Within that order, we must refrain from getting too specific as this can cause us to block ourselves and miss the signs.

Living consciously means co-creating your life with the universe! In the manifestation process, we must also be willing to surrender because when we hold very tightly to the reigns, the universe can not steer the way!

My Manifesting Process

Get clear on what you want and WHY.

The why should be connected to a feeling and an emotion. Taste it, smell it, feel it, get into the habit of experiencing your desires with as many senses as you can!

Meditate or pray on it and be sure to use visualization!

Meditation + visualization + feelings = movement in manifesting!

Believe that it’s on the way!

The brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is not; it only connects to the emotions that we feel. Use your consciousness to manifest your reality!

Conscious living is all about living a life of self-awareness and heightened vibration! The tools above will start you out on the right foot, but I highly recommend working with a mentor to kick things off in the right direction.

For me learning to manage my vibration and shift my perspective changed my entire life! I went from a 9-5 that was making me utterly miserable to working on my laptop – from the beach – with clients across the world. Amazing, I never dreamed of this reality, but here it is!

Let me help you shift your reality with real tools that work! Schedule your Intuitive Mentoring Session Here!

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