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Connecting With An Archangel

What does it feel like to connect with an archangel? Intense.

That is the short answer but since you decided to read this article, I’m guessing you’re looking for a bit more information. As you know from a previous post, different types of spirits hold different jobs and responsibilities. In addition to that, different spirits live in different vibrations. Angels and archangels live in one of the highest vibrations there is, this is why when we connect with them it gets intense.

During readings and coaching sessions I have connected to angels and archangels for other people, but I have rarely made the connection for myself. When I pick up on an angel for a client I always get the feeling of being sucked back into my seat; like a strong wind pushing me back. Have you ever rode that spaceship ride at a carnival, the one that sticks you to the wall? That is the best way I can describe it.

Usually, when I say this to a client they can confirm that they have felt a similar feeling. This feeling is usually accompanied by jitters and sometimes feeling anxious. I always like to reassure them that while it may feel a bit intense, this is actually a visitation from an angel and it is beautiful! They just need to learn to connect in order to manage the energy they feel! I then teach them how to ground, receive messages, and how to connect when their angel is trying to get their attention.

Recently, I had quite an intense experience of my own and it was like no other. I had been hearing the name of a certain archangel over and over for weeks, the name had shown up in emails, in my facebook feed, and even in conversations. I eventually got the hint and decided to sit down and try to connect with him. What happened next shocked even me!

I sat down to meditate and within 5 minutes I was taken into this deep deep trance-like state. I wasn’t seeing much clairvoyantly except colors (greens and purples if I remember correctly), then my body started to sway gently in my seat. I could feel energy swirling around and within me. I had no clue what was happening but I decided to go with it. I had set my intentions and I knew I was safe.

Suddenly I felt this energy rising up and out of me. It literally felt like it was coming straight from my soul. There really are no words to explain this, I’m trying my best here! So anyways, this energy just kept rising up and up and came out of my mouth as this weird noise. I just went with it. Next thing I know I am chanting and I am total state of bliss. Now, I should probably tell you that I have only done one chanting meditation and I wasn’t a fan, but now I get it. I should also add that this chanting wasn’t intentional, I almost couldn’t control it!

I wasn’t scared but I was a little confused, still, I just went with it. Eventually, I heard that I needed to lie down because it was about to get intense. I thought to myself how could this possibly get any more intense than it is already?

I laid down and nothing noticeable was happening for a minute or two. Then it was like this rush of energy came over my entire body. I felt like I was in a complete state of bliss and also like I was going up and down a roller coaster. I received messages unlike any other I have before and when I came out of the meditation it honestly took a while for me to readjust.

This isn’t my usual “how to” or super “down to Earth” type of article but I like to be honest with you guys. I didn’t want to keep this a secret because I want to encourage you to try to connect with your angels and the archangels. I know that for me, it was a life changing experience!

If you would like to learn to connect with your angels, guides, and spirit team I invite you to check out the 5-week intuitive development e-course. This course includes one coaching call to assess your gifts and give you intuitive guidance. From there you are enrolled into a 5-week course focusing on your strongest gifts! This course is completed on a learning module found right on my website! Coaching is also available for those who wish to learn directly through me with live phone calls!

Happy connecting!

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