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Boundaries. Why Do We Need Them?


Boundaries are something not everyone understands. That annoying co-worker that always has to breathe in your bubble? No boundaries. People on Facebook who share every detail of their life…No boundaries. Your mother in law….no boundaries?  (My mother in law knows her boundaries but I hear some don’t J )

Boundaries are important for every living thing and when you’re an intuitive they are extra EXTRA important. I’m talking across the board here people; empaths, mediums, clairvoyants, all of us sensitive folk!

When I was first starting out I had no clue about boundaries, I didn’t even know I had the choice of who visited and who didn’t. Luckily my friend Rae encouraged me to be safe about this whole thing and that’s when I learned about boundaries. I started googling and Youtube-ing and doing all the research I could. A common theme kept popping up…BOUNDARIES….have I said it enough yet? BOUNDARIES.

Ok so why do you need them? Well you wouldn’t just let a stranger in your house and show them where the money safe is would you? You wouldn’t invite an escaped criminal to brunch for mimosas would you? Didn’t think so; it’s the same thing here.

When you don’t have protection up, any and everything can just come swooping right on it. 90% of the time whoever it is will be harmless, but what about the occasional negative Nancy who wants to drain you of all your energy for their own gain?  Do you enjoy waking up at night to feeling a presence at the end of your bed? I don’t…I thoroughly enjoy my sleep and don’t want anyone at the foot of my bed besides my cute, cuddly, furbabies.

“So how do I set boundaries?”

It’s really simple.

  1. Set an intention.

Think it, say it, write it. I have a couple rules for spirit in my house.

  1. No spirits in the bedrooms except for our guides and angels.

  2. All spirits present for a reading must remain in my reading room.

  3. No one talks to my son except for HIS guides, angels, and grandparents/great grandparents.

  4. Ground.

Lately, because of all the readings I have been doing and the negative energy I have been feeling from other people, I have been grounding 2-3 times a day. This lets the universe know I want protection and I want to stay connected.

It may sound strange but imagine yourself being filled and surrounded by bright white divine light. It really works!

  1. Sage.

Cleansing your space as mentioned in this article.

  1. Affirmations.

Stay positive people! Think, act, and speak with love. What you think you become…remember that!

· Roses.

This one is just a little extra snippit for you. It doesn’t really have to do with spirit boundaries but energetic boundaries. When I am driving and someone is following too closely I imagine a big rose on my bumper and they ALWAYS ALWAYS back off. I don’t know why it works, it just does. I also do it for the sides and front if people are being a little cray that day.

The above boundaries are not just for spirit’s either; you can use these to protect yourself from anyone’s energy. HEY EMPATHS, I’M TALKING TO YOU! It is so easy to take on the feelings of illness, anger, or negativity from people around us. It is imperative to us sensitives that we learn how to block and control it.

My son, like most kids, is HIGHLY empathic and can feel when my husband is in a bad mood as soon as he pulls in the driveway. It’s nuts! His whole energy changes and then mine does and then the whole house is a chaotic mess. Protection and boundaries are an intuitive’s bestfriend.

Stay Light, stay bright, stay positive my friend’s and have a wonderful WONDERFUL day

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