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Your next reading!

Getting your reading from me

I prefer to do distance readings, this means over the phone or internet. Distance readings allow me to take my time and make sure my ego doesn’t interfere with our session. For example: If I am sitting in front of you, looking at your beautiful face and I see you start to cry….my ego may jump in and say “Yeah! Yeah! You’re on the right track keep going with that!” Or if I see a baffled look on your face my ego may say “You’re getting it all wrong switch directions.” The last thing we want is my ego getting in the way of a personal message for you!

“So then you don’t sit there with a crystal ball and tell me my future?”

Sorry, but no. Some psychic mediums do this and it works well for them; this isn’t how my process works. All I need is your first name and any questions that you have..if there are any.  I then connect to your energy and call in your spirit guides and any loved ones who wish to connect with you. I meditate and then I usually do a combination of automatic writing, hearing, feeling, and seeing. I will then call you or email the reading to you…this is your preference. Then if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them!

I love this gift and the work I do and it would be a privilege to have you experience this with me!

Love and Light,


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