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Who Shows Up During an Intuitive Reading?

Have you ever wondered who comes through during an intuitive reading? Is it just loved ones and close friends? What about angels, spirit guides, and people you hardly knew?

Yep, they can all show up!

When I was curious about all the weird things that were happening to me, I had a reading done purely out of curiosity. During this reading, a friend that I had known since middle school came through! I was so confused as to why he would choose to come to me; we were always friend’s but we were never really close.

This happens ALL. THE. TIME…. Seriously, allthetime!

I have had client’s grandmother’s come through that they never met, children who passed before the mother ever met them, and even friends of other friend’s that they had only met once or twice. Every single time my client’s are confused, just as I once was.

Here’s the deal, we are all stars on a map…think a constellation map. When these spirits come through in readings it is because you are the closest star on the map to them and in some way they have a connection to you. They connect with you…then you connect with your intuitive reader…then the light gets brighter and brighter making it easier for them to navigate to you!

As an intuitive, the more your skills open up, the brighter your light is on the map! This means more spirits can see you and know you can communicate with them! You may be shocked to hear in your reading that you also have intuitive gifts (though you probably already know) but that is because your light is bright…and that’s a good thing!

So to answer the question “who comes through during an intuitive reading?” pretty much anyone you have had a connection with that needs to get a message to you.

  1. Ancestors and family you’ve never met (Written by, Amanda Linette Meder)

  2. Spirit Guides

  3. Friend’s of Friend’s

  4. Angels

  5. Friend’s and loved ones

  6. Old classmates

Don’t be shocked if your grandmother’s sister shows up at your next reading! Chances are she’s been watching over you and just wants to let you know she loves you!



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