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What is that Smell?


Smells! “What? That’s weird.” It is kind of weird…all of this is kind of weird. I’m still getting used to it myself.

Sometimes when a spirit is around you will smell them. Ever get a whiff of someone and no one is around? Do you smell your grandmother’s cooking or an old friend’s perfume? Well there’s your sign, spirit it with you!

I will sometimes smell my grandmother’s perfume or even the cigarettes she used to smoke. She quit smoking when I was about 8 and didn’t leave this world until I was 19! This is a sign that I know she is around. You see the brain is a wonderful thing and remembers way more than we realize. Spirit knows this and will use subtle memories to get our attention.

My favorite story about smells is one about my first love.  I’m sitting at my desk, working on a project and I smell something. It smelled like JP (using initials for people’s privacy…you understand right?) My first kiss, my first love, when I was 14 he moved half way across the country.  I hadn’t seen him since. We weren’t facebook friends, we only talked twice since he had moved. How did I still remember what he smelled like? “So weird” I thought and continue to work my life away but his name is repeating incessantly in my head. Then I “hear” look him up, look him up…I’m trying to ignore it but the smell is still there and the name won’t go away. Reluctantly, I stop what I am doing and google his name. My heart skipped a beat, my body went numb. He had passed away in a motorcycle accident three months before. Filled with mixed emotions I am crying because I am so sad for him and I am shocked because I can not believe he came to ME of all people. Right in the middle of my work day! I could “see” him jumping up and down so excited that he got through to me. I could “feel” him on my arm tugging at it and holding my hand.

This is my favorite spirit experience thus far and I am still so thankful that he came to me.

So there you have it folk’s, the nose doesn’t lie.

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