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Two Spirit’s Needed My Help This Week

Two Spirits

So apparently Mercury is in retrograde? I have been hearing about it constantly; I’m talkin’ everyone from facebook friend’s to commercials on TV! I’m not exactly sure I understand what it means, I just know it has something to do with how people feel and act. I can confirm that people (myself included) have been a bit moodier and immune systems seem to be weaker.

With that said, does Mercury being in retrograde also up the ability to connect to those in spirit? Please leave a comment below if you know the answer because this girl has had an abnormal amount of spirit connectivity this week and IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY!

Monday I had a dead girl come to me…

I was whipped out, so tired, I just wanted to relax for a minute. I collapsed onto my bed the second I laid Baby-boo down for the evening and just shut my eyes. I only needed 5 minutes of silence before I finished the rest of my adulting for the day. I tried to meditate and grabbed a few crystals and just started breathing.

Next thing I know this blond girl around my age is showing me how she died.

  1. I was startled

  2. I wasn’t up for connecting at the moment but that didn’t seem to matter.

She kind of showed me a movie of how she died and it kept playing over and over until I finally acknowledged her. She wanted to cross over and heard I could help her; she felt lost and ashamed of her actions and wanted to apologize to her family.

I didn’t know this girl and I didn’t ask for a name. I did explain to her that whatever she did, it was in the past. As a mother myself I told her that her mother would certainly love to hear from her and I told her how to do this. I told her that once she made peace with everyone and most importantly herself she could move on.

She thanked me and just kind of disappeared. I am hoping whoever she was that she finds peace within herself and gives herself the permission to crossover.

Penelope was picking flowers….

Some days when the office gets too heavy I like to go to the park and meditate for a few minutes. Just clear my head and get my sh*t together, ya know? Well today was a bit different than most days….

I closed my eyes and within 5 seconds I saw this younger girl standing right in front of me! She was wearing a bonnet,  picking wildflowers, and putting them in a basket she was holding.

She clearly knew I was there and asked me “have you seen my mother?” I told her that I had not and that I thought she was stuck.

“No, no! I am not stuck, I am simply waiting for my mother. She has been gone a long time but she will surely come back for me, I just know it!”

We went back and forth until I finally convinced her that she could probably see her mother again if she would just cross over.

She was scared! I have seen this before where they are afraid of the unknown, however she was afraid her mother would come back to that spot looking for her and she would not be there. It was heart wrenching!

I finally got her to agree and I kind of coaxed her through the process. What I saw next was a little unbelievable so I won’t even try to explain it here. If you’re really interested feel free to email me!

After she completed the process she showed me her reuniting with her mother. Oh my gosh y’all it was beautiful! She appeared younger and JUMPED  into her mother’s arms and they both laughed and cried and it was just joyous!

I am telling you, this gift keeps gettin’ better and better! The more I do the more I grow. Most importantly, the more people I get the privilege of helping!

Do you have a loved one you would like to try to connect to? Click here to schedule your next reading!

With love y’all,


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