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“Mediums are Just being Tricked by Evil Spirits” How Do Mediums Know Who They’re T

“Mediums are Just being Tricked by Evil Spirits”

How Do Mediums Know Who They’re Talking Too?

Today’s article is probably one that is going to make a few people a litttttle uncomfortable but it NEEDS to be talked about. In the spiritual community most of us tend to avoid the subject altogether, only touching on it when we absolutely have to and then we move on. I admit to doing the same thing but since the topic has surfaced THREE times already this morning, it’s time! It also has a little something to do with the membership topic in Amanda Meder’s Membership this month!

While drinking my morning tea today, I opened an email from a reader and friend that said

“How do you know who it is you are talking to (with certainty)? I mean no disrespect. Just trying to understand. As you say this is serious stuff!”

He provided a link to a video and asked me to take a look. I tried to watch it y’all, I really did.  It was just kind of, well upsetting and inaccurate. Maybe it got better, but I could only watch the first 5 minutes and a few snippets. It was basically about how mediums are being tricked by evil spirits and we never talk to those in a higher vibration.

A smidge of naysaying and 100% not true.

In fact, most mediums will tell you that it is extremely RARE to connect with a lower vibrational spirit if you are working in the light. This is because we set clear and concise boundaries, work closely with our spirit team, and we let our intuition guide us. When you establish a strong bond with your spirit team they not only warn you of potential run-ins, but they also help steer them away from you!

I used to come in contact with some pretty scary sh*t while asleep back in the day. Let me tell ya, my nightmares were so bad that I wouldn’t be able to move! So no I am not going to sit here and tell you that bad things don’t exist. What I will tell you is that once I accepted my gifts and got to know my spirit team it ALL STOPPED…almost immediately! I’ve only had two bad dreams in the past 3 years and I used to have them all night, every single night. That is saying something!

“Okay, so how do you know who you’re actually talking too?”

Just like when you meet a new person you usually pick up their vibe, it’s the same with spirit!

Angels will often give me a feeling of intense energy and love. When I connect with an angel it’s almost as if I am being pushed back in my seat by energy. You know the feeling you get when going down a roller coaster? Similar to that but with this immense feeling of comfort and love!

Spirit guides all have their own unique cues that they give when they are near, but they are always loving and comforting. Think of the most comforting hug you’ve ever received and how you felt all fuzzy, warm, and happy. That’s the “gut feeling” you get with a spirit guide.

Loved ones are a bit trickier. They will usually give off a sense of how they were in real life and some clues to go along with it.

Lower vibrational beings will feel lower vibrational. You will feel uneasy, untrusting, and uncertain. You may get the sense of someone trying to trick you or the feeling of being watched. Your “gut” will tell you that something is not right!

If you’re clairvoyant or clairaudient use those gifts to help with discernment!

When you start talking to your guides on a daily basis, you start to get familiar with them. You will begin to know what they look and sound like. Spirit guides will use wording that may be a bit more sophisticated or a tone that helps you easily identify them.

The same goes with clairvoyance; they will show themselves to you a certain way. Your team will use symbols and cues specifically assigned to you!

When you’re connecting with those in spirit and your loved one or guide seems to be a little “off” take notice. Is their wording different, are they appearing a bit different, is something just not right? This is a major red flag that someone could be trying to trick you!

Often time’s lower vibrational beings will try to trick you into talking to them by using the appearance of someone you’re comfortable with. Don’t let this scare you; it’s very easy to tell the difference!

Don’t get wrapped up in the fear of connecting with something of a lower vibration or a “spiritual Debo”  as my reader once said! (By the way FRIDAY was my favorite movie as a teenager…that and SLC Punk…don’t judge me!) As long as you are living in the light and have set clear boundaries, you should have nothing to worry about!

Quit letting those Youtube videos and scary articles turn you away from your gifts! I encourage you to educate yourself and do your research, just take note that other people will project their fears on to you both intentionally and unintentionally. Don’t let the scare tactics of others hold you back from something so beautiful! Scare tactics have been used for centuries as a way to control the masses, just remember that! When you’re researching the bad…make sure you’re researching the good as well.

 Start living in a high vibration, get to know your spirit team, and set some boundaires! As long as you’re living in the light and managing your gifts with confidence, you have nothing to worry about!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, mediumship has made me believe in God when I once thought there was no such thing. It’s not scary at all; in fact once I accepted who I was and what I could do…I quit being afraid and started living a much happier life!

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