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I Picked Up Some Energy Sunday….By Accident

I try my best to ground, surround myself in divine light, carry crystals, and meditate. I don’t always do it as often as I should but lately I have been really on top of it…which is why I am slightly confused and highly annoyed about last night. I haven’t had one of my scary nightmares in a while, at least one that I wasn’t in control of. Last night that changed and it was more than a nightmare.

I am going to backtrack to last Sunday and tell you about this guy I met. I went to the A.R.E. center for a demonstration class, I arrived a little early so I went to meditate and ground myself before the class. I went to the class and as it went on the people in the class started to interact a little more. The teacher was clairaudient and clairvoyant just like me, so we started talking about all kinds of things; which lead to talking about protection. A guy in the row in front of me was asking about protection and told me he had a negative energy that he’s dealt with for a long time and he wanted to get rid of it.

After the class we spoke in the library for a few minutes and I gave him some of my tips and tricks and told him what it might be. As we were discussing I felt the need to surround myself in light again…not because of him but I ALWAYS follow my gut instinct. I gave him my website address and told him to check it out because I thought it would be helpful.

Flash forward to Tuesday and I went home all pumped about prepping dinner so that I could pickup Baby-boo and take him to the beach. The house to myself for 45 minutes? Whaaattttt? Unheard of and I was loving it…until I realized I wasn’t alone. A remote control toy car started moving on it’s own…I still can’t find the controller so it wasn’t one of the dogs. By the third time I was a little creeped out and demanded whatever spirit was in my house to STOP. I said the usual “only spirits in the light who are here for our best and highest good may be in this house.” I knew it didn’t work because I felt like someone was watching me. I made sure I opened the blinds to let as much light in as possible, said it again and left.

Right before bed I got really snippy with the Hubbs for NO REASON. I put my headphones in to listen to my positive affirmations and I went to sleep. I started dreaming of my grandparents….but it was weird, I felt that it wasn’t actually them. Next I was in my kitchen and this black thing with claws and a tail was on top of my cabinets, in the dream I tried to play it off as a bat. That didn’t work it; this nasty little thing was now huge and kept opening my LOCKED bathroom door. In the dream I thought “I have to stop this before it gets to the rooms” (I have a strict no spirit’s except angels and protectors in the bedrooms rule) so I GRABBED the thing by the wrist and twisted…it whipped around so quickly and grabbed my arm and I woke up with a JOLT and OUT OF BREATH. WHAT THE BLEEP?!?!

My husband usually doesn’t wake up but I was loud enough that he did; he grabbed my hand and held it the rest of the night without saying a word. I of course called in my guides and angels and I think it went away for the night. I made my declaration to banish it again this morning but I don’t think that was the last of it. You see, last week I bought myself a reading with Samantha Fey and she told me that I would be encountering some kind of ghost but it wouldn’t be mine, I was supposed to help someone with this. I’m assuming this would be who she was talking about and I can’t help but feel that I took on the energy from that guy I met.

Follow-up! One Year Later….

It took me one day to get rid of this energy and while this story may seem a little off-putting. I would like to tell you that since developing my gifts that was the only negative experience I’ve had…and the boundaries I had in place worked wonders!

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