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An Unexpected Visitor

Hey y’all! My vibes are super high this morning and it is in part to the self work I’ve been doing, part caffeine, and a little bit o’ spirit! Last week was really stressful but also super productive and rewarding. Hubby started a new job and it isn’t proving to be easy on ANY of us. He’s been stressed and getting home late which means I am picking up the slack. I have been doing 95% of the chores, making dinner, and doing the whole back and forth to daycare with the baby-boo. I totally thought I would be drained mentally and emotionally but it’s surprisingly fulfilling to be able to do so much for my family. I could totally be a stay at home wifey. I would clean, cook healthy meals, meditate and connect with spirit all day errrrr day!

So because the week was more stimulating than usual I tried to step up my meditation game a little bit. One morning before work, during my 10 minute mediation (still half asleep) a lady popped into my vision…she startled the crap out of me! I’m not kidding I jumped. She wasn’t scary but when I’m trying to focus on ME and this random lady pops up, it’s unsettling.

I was too tired to connect and running late as usual but I tried to at least see what she wanted so I could connect later. I got nothin’!  It was one of the clearest visions I’ve ever had, yet silence. She just kept staring at me, slight smile, walking slowly back and forth in what looked like a cemetery. She had long grey hair parted in the middle pulled back into a low ponytail, an old navy blue t-shirt, and jeans. After repeatedly asking her what her name was and what she wanted all I heard was the name of someone I promised to give a reading to.

Later that day I text my friend (we will call her K) and she had no clue who it could be. Now I was REALLY intrigued. I was antsy all day until I got home and could do the reading but the lady never showed back up. I’m still a little startled and pretty confused about who this woman was. Maybe she was just someone who wanted a little human interaction again or maybe she just doesn’t have the energy to communicate through words yet. Either way I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m ready for some answers! See the dog’s face up there? That is exactly how I feel…perplexed.

Have any of you ever had something like this happen before? If so I’d love to hear about it, leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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