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Are you ready to start communicating with spirit effectively?

This course is for those who already have a pretty good understanding of their gifts and how to manage them. It is also for those who have graduated from the Intuitive Progression and Development Course and are ready to continue their development.

This course includes over 22 Videos plus lessons on:

  • How to get validation
  • Learning to trust your intuition and messages received
  • A walk through of how to give readings beginning to end (including how to set up your space)
  • Spirit message delivery
  • How to get specifics
  • What to do when a reading isn't going as planned and why it could be happening
  • Crossing Spirit Over
  • Find out how to easily deliver messages to groups
  • Learn how to make it as a professional medium, healer, or spiritual teacher
  • Developmental exercises
  • Q&A conference calls
  • 3 guided development circle group calls
That is only the tip of the iceberg, I've included more information and lessons in the course than I can even list here! 

Who needs this course?

If you've been working with your gifts for a while now and you're ready to expand your practice, this course is for you!
If you often give messages from spirit or receive messages from spirit at random but you're ready to channel at will, this course is for you.
If you want to learn how to validate the information you get be it for yourself or others, this course is for you!
If you've been working with your gifts for a while now but don't feel like you're progressing, this course is for you!

Mediumship Diving Deeper

$888.00 Regular Price
$621.60Sale Price
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