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What are the chakras and how can they work for and against you?

In yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and other spiritual practices you will often hear the term “chakra”. You may already know that there are 7 chakras located within the body but do you know the importance and functionality of each?
Learning to work with the chakras can help you to live a healthier and more balanced life both physically and energetically!
Because each chakra corresponds to specific physical ailments, organ systems, and emotional and energetic issues it is important to make sure that they stay cleared and balanced at all times. This is easy to do once you know the way each chakra works and how to make it work for you!

Working with your chakras is easy, fun, and IMPORTANT!

Learning to work with your chakras can help you to:

  • Improve physical health!
  • Clear brain fog!
  • Help you to speak your truth!
  • Broaden your intuitive practice!
  • Show you where you have energetic blocks!
  • Show you what areas of life need to be worked on so that you can live your best life!
Did you know that stomach issues might be related to your solar plexus or that a blocked third eye can keep you from seeing the truth?
I invite you into Chakras 101 a course that will walk you through the chakra system!

This course is a series of 10 videos, a full-length meditation, and comes with a 13-page course overview so that you can easily follow along!

Here is what you will get!

  • Introduction To The Chakra System Video
  • The Science To Back It All Up Video (to add some actual research to back up the “woo-woo”)
  • 7 Chakra Videos Each Containing
    • The chakras functionality
    • How that chakra corresponds to the physical body
    • How to know if that chakra is blocked
    • How to know if the chakra is overactive
    • Crystals and stones that connect with each chakra
    • Exercises (including specific yoga poses and mantras) to work with that chakra
  • One full length guided meditation to cleanse, activate, and all 7 chakras!
  • A 13-page course guide complete with lesson notes and course outline!
You need this course if you’ve felt off-balance and you aren’t sure why. This course will help you to understand your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies better while giving you the tools to have them all work together.
If you want to learn about the chakras and actually have them help you both in everyday life and your spiritual practice I invite you to get started today!

To Recap:

  • You will learn all about the chakra systems core functionality
  • You will learn how they are energetically, physically, and emotionally connected
  • Understand what issues manifest from blocked Chakras
  • You will start to understand when your chakra is blocked or overactive
  • You will learn how to easily unblock, balance, and active your chakras through different exercises and techniques
  • You will be given a meditation to help you to balance all of the chakras to assist in physical and energetic health!

Chakras 101 - All Inclusive Chakra Course!

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