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1 Year Mentoring Program - Mediumship Development 

The Mediumship Development Program is a year long self and intuitive development program working alongside me and your spirit guides. In this program you will learn how to access higher consciousness, dive deeper into your mediumship abilities, and learn to become your authentic self. 
With this program you will get
  • 24 one on one mentoring calls (to include:)
  • A roadmap for your success with self discovery and intuitive development
  • We will map out your goals, work to identify and remove what is blocking you, and help you to uncover your natural guidance system.
  • You will receive two full-session mediumship readings with recording during our time together
  • One meet and work with your spirit guides session.
  • Enrollment in the Intuitive Progression and Development Course Level II to help you uncover and develop your strongest intuitive gifts
  • Enrollment in the Mediumship Diving Deeper Course Level II to help you give strong and accurate spirit readings or another program of your choosing if mediumship isn't your thing!
  • Enrollment in Mission Manifest
  • Access to all workshops and group calls hosted by me
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Weekly "office hours" via Voxer
This program is for those who are committed to living a more authentic lifestyle. For those who are ready to do the self work and uncover their true gifts and abilities. For those who are ready to tap into and access higher consciousness and implement it into their everyday lives! This is for those who are interested in learning more about mediumship and tapping into their own abilities for a greater understanding of life as a whole. 
You are a great fit for this program if you
  • Are committed to improving your life
  • Think you have intuitive gifts
  • Want to learn more about mediumship
  • Would like to give mediumship readings
  • Want to connect with your own spiritual guidance system
  • Have been feeling blocked, keep having repeated patterns in your life, and are ready to release resistance
  • Have had an interest in understanding and working with spirit and your intuitive gifts
  • Have been feeling stuck and need uncover what you've been missing
  • Are ready to release stress and live a more positive lifestyle
  • Want to know what your next step in life should be
  • Want to work one on one with a mentor/coach. Someone who will help you get past your hurdles and push you to become your best self in the most loving and uplifting way possible!

1 Year Mentoring Program

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